Makeup gently with full step

Nov 1,2016
Still radiant, shimmering but still you will naturally look more to a "make-up does not" is. Gently, breathable pores but remains confident ahead other crowd shine.

Step 1:

For a sufficient amount of foundation cream you normally use the back of your hand, then put on your face and rub them by hand. Subscriptions are soothing cream, if you like them and be more careful, you can use cotton tip to spread the cream.

Next is the eyeliner (in the clip is a product of the Black eyeliner Urban Decay). Carefully use pencil waterline part of your upper eyelid, who note the eyes should not be too long, will cause this natural makeup style.

Using curved forceps and mascara, so we have to finalize the eyes already! Much simpler than other types of makeup, right?

Step 2:

To suit this type of make-up, one should use an eyebrow pencil dark gray tone, slowly molded you guys then stretched out to tail eyebrows.

Step 3:

Using nude tones as the background color for the eye. Gently spreading to eye on softly into the corner of the eye to the corner of their eyes. Use the remainder to spread them down to the bottom corner of the eye and the eyes under the uniform.

Next, we use the products of the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow with light brown tones and pink. First, using a brush type approval are light brown eyes at the eye above and below the eye.


Next, use a small brush to spread color Headed up the middle 2 pink eyelids. Subscriptions are eye color and natural depth. Guys from the corner of his eyes down to the eyes and then spread to the eye under the eye tail adorned.


Step 4:

To further stretch the skin smooth, vibrant pink, I spread a layer of chalk "SkinFinish" MAC's blush mix with . Use circular canopy palm gently on the cheek.

Use extra foam to reduce the red cotton, made everyone feel like your real skin color.

Step 5:

To complete the makeup, we should use tone pink lipstick to match makeup style the clear, natural.

With only 5 simple steps you can still confidently shine this summer. Do not hesitate any longer without embarking on beauty alone?


Video Makeup gently with full step

By: Turner Phillips