Makeup cat eyes of style eyeliner

Nov 24,2016
Cat eyes makeup make you look glamorous and sexy.

Eyes youthful and cute puppy

Cat eyes makeup:

Style transformation with two types of eyeliner

Step 1: Eyeliner along your natural squint, extend the eyeline and slightly upward.

Step 2: Since the beginning of the eyes, pay attention not too thick eyeliner portion guys between the eyes, will take shape "cat's eye".

Step 3: Pull down the straight eye eyeline from between the eyes. Then, line up short in the lower eyelid eyeline.

Step 4: Subscriptions wax emulsion to produce eye color eye shadow, blur and sharp lines.

Step 5: Clamp and mascara, focus at the end and the beginning of the upper eyelid lower eyelid.


Video Makeup cat eyes of style eyeliner


By: Turner Phillips