Make up seafaring not afraid pale chalk, fade lip

Nov 27,2016
How do you release the power play with the waves without worrying about catching the sun or away makeup?

Summer cruise season. However, many women fear that seafarers will make your skin exposed to the sun and darken go. Also, while bathing, you often have problems making lipstick lips lips drifted deep tan, the skin is drifting pollen makes the skin becomes black and pale.

So how to you can release to play with the waves without fear of arrest or drifting sun makeup? See the clip below, beauty blogger Phan Michele will help you in this regard.

All that you need is:

- Sunscreen: First indispensable when sailing. You remember choose high SPF sunscreen> = 50 ++

- Cream Background: In summer, you should use liquid foundation, will cling to the skin for longer, helping long-lasting makeup


- Powder cheek cream: Instead of using the normal blusher, you should use creamy powder will be effective longer, keep you beautiful glowing

- Powder: As usual, so makeup is not greasy, you should still chalk coated with thin, highly to help hand, natural cotton, not flat, adhesive, and patchy.


Lipstick: It is better to use lipstick lỳ in this case. Your lip gloss lip plumper helps vibrant but not the other into the water when you use a tissue to wipe away the lipstick. So let's use a waterproof lip possible.



Step 1: Apply sunscreen. Of course before you wash the face. Get a little sunscreen to your hands, rub the fingers and the output voltage to the face cream penetrates quickly and more efficiently. You remember the sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.


Step 2: Apply foundation. Use a foundation brush to blend well on the face, note the hidden parts of the face as the sides of the nose, the chin section, ... subject toned face, will not spread.

Step 3: Apply cream blusher. Get a little blush in creams and kits are approved using a brush on the cheek. Your face will shape the form that spread blush.

Step 4: Use a powder on a turn around the face, especially the cheeks just beat section.

Step 5: Finally, lipstick. Makeup seafarers not require you to focus on the eyes. But lipstick is the only highlight. Use your favorite lip color lỳ, lips or full lip heart bowl according to your liking.


So you know the makeup to travel to the sun so as not to be afraid and keep long-lasting makeup and know. One thing to note is that you should use a hat and sunglasses at the beach to protect your eyes. Wish you always beautiful in any situation!

Video Make up seafaring not afraid pale chalk, fade lip