Looking back at 15 the world's hottest events October 2016

Nov 1,2016
In October 2016, the world is covered by a gloomy colors. The storm continued to appear and landed in the United States, South Korea, causing severe damage to people.

 Besides, the passing of the King of Thailand also left infinite regret in the hearts of many people in this country and the world.

On the day of 5/10, Korea had to embrace the storm with devastating Chaba terrible. Initially, this storm hit on Jeju island, then began to move to other coastal cities such as Busan and Ulsan.

Earlier last month 10/2016, Matthew super typhoon hit the coastal Hati, Florida State, South Carolina and North Carolina caused heavy damage home and shop. Reportedly, this is the biggest storm landfall in the United States nearly 100 years ago.

Direct dialogue of the two 2nd presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place at 8 am 10/10/26 (Vietnam time). The dialogue takes place within 90 minutes in the form of questions answered by the PCC and direct guests.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was ice on the afternoon of 10.13.2016, the age of 88. His departure to the infinite grief for the people of Thailand.

Overcoming other valuable candidate in the nomination list, the legendary 75-year-old Bob Dylan has officially become the owner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 according to the results announced by the Swedish Academy at 13h (GMT local) for "have created the poetic expression of the great musical traditions of America."

In the last days 10.18.2016, US President Barack Obama had a meeting with the student exchange at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. At the meeting, he shared with the young people about love making young people very interested.


He said: "If you really love someone, please forward, face to face and find ways to talk to him. Do not depend on technology."

On 16 October 2016, the USS Lexington museum in the coastal city of Corpus Christi (south Texas, USA) has publicly latest pictures of the aircraft Grumman F9F action potential trigger Cougar ever used in this country second World war. This activity is in response to months of breast cancer awareness.

Jia Jia called panda died at the zoo Ocean Park (Hong Kong) at the age of 38, equivalent to 114 human years old. Reportedly this is the oldest panda in the world and also the "star" of this zoo.

After 4 years of being captured Somali pirates held hostage, 26 crew was freed and water procedures. Sources from Vietnam Embassy in Tanzania (concurrently Somalia and Kenya) on 10/23/2016 said of Vietnam, 3 persons.

The festival's 21 th clowns were held in the area Monument in Mexico City from 10.19.2016 to 10.20.2016 the last day. The festival attracts hundreds of clowns throughout Latin America flock to attend. This is an opportunity to learn from each other clown how the site as well as his talent.

24 October 2016 at 23 o'clock at night, a bloody attack was aimed at police academy Balochistan, Pakistan that this region is in chaos. According to the leaders, the attack has left at least 44 people were killed and 118 wounded.

13 October 2016 last afternoon, the beautiful Imelda Schweighart, representing the host country at the Miss Philippines Earth 2016 crown voluntarily give up just 5 days after the contest ended as exposed to criticism because the recipe clip decry Ecuadorian Miss Tan.

Taiwanese officials said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has decided to prepare a law allowing gay marriage. This new law will ensure the rights of gay couples in Taiwan. Not only that, the straight people are also entitled to benefits as others, including the right to marriage, parental rights and adoption rights.

28 October, 24 countries and the EU agreed to establish a marine protected area measuring 1.5 million square kilometers in Antarctica's Ross Sea. This is the largest marine protected area in the world. Scientists and activists around the world that this is a major step forward in the conservation of marine biodiversity.

 At the start oath sessions of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong 12 October, the new MPs have expressed dissatisfaction with Beijing. Instead of reading a 77 word oath to officially start his four-year term, the new test different MPs chanted anti-China message

By: Tansania Alia