Lipstick Blending Makeup

Nov 27,2016
Barose makeup artist likes "the bosom couple" lipstick and eyeliner to create a new lip color.

Combined with other beauty products

You do not just interested in lipstick when mixed together can only create a different lip colors, try to find out if the lipstick combined with the beauty products will generate great results do? Barose makeup artist likes "the bosom couple" lipstick and eyeliner to create a new lip color.

He suggested creating a class usually chocolate brown border first, then lined burgundy lipstick (red wine) to create gorgeous plum. You can also use navy blue eyeliner instead of brown. Barose bewitching tones warm and sparkly eyes emulsion combined with lipstick to create a lipstick with iridescent colors extremely impressive. Besides ice cream when mixed with copper eyes will also bring unexpected effect for a sexy plump lips.


"They turn" does not suit your lipstick color standards

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to buy fresh lipstick colors and is at the center now, but once you step out of the makeup counters, you realized it was not right for them.



If you intend to "abandon" lipstick, try to change thinking by taking a bit of blusher complement creamy skin tone (or tones can warm the cold concrete) apply to your lips before other use lipstick. Kashuk experts also suggest similar performance with lip liner pencil: "If you want to increase the warm colors of lipstick, use a lip liner pencil brown. To soften the color, pink pencil will probably appropriate that! ".


Ombre color lipstick

If you want to mix colors at the same time, there is nothing that you have not done at all. However, make sure that when combining two lip colors, you get a completely different effect than the old colors.



Ombre-style lipstick (color-shaded lipstick) are prevailing trend, it is a combination of two or more different color lipstick on the lips. The colors will be the hub gently feels rather soft clear separation.

This is purely an interesting tendency to break the rules of procedure previously mixed lipstick.

The choice of colors is also extremely important. With pink, fairly evenly tones when mixed, so it would appear less conflict. You can use the color plum and red, or purple with neon bright pink, orange or red-brown. How to Apply to lips very simple, the darkest paint a lip around then to a pale color tone inside.



Video Lipstick Blending Makeup

By: Tonado Joesy