Lip Swatches and Mini Review: L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses

Nov 22,2016
As its title, then this meal will share her feelings and a lip cream is quite hot today (something I also want to try hot )Flat Matte Finish is L.A Girl Pigment Gloss.

 This lipstick is produced by L.A Girl, a popular cosmetic brand in the US. The company specializes in the production of make-up products for the face, eyes, lips, ... which must include concealer to conceal or stream HD Pro Pigment Gloss Matte lipstick is the very favorite beauty bloggers

Packaging: lip no paper box and when you buy the lipstick to be sealed with a piece of adhesive tape. Lip shell made of plastic, black lid, transparent body color look inside.


Body lip also shows information about a color, composition, shelf, where production ... lip weighs 5g but lipstick is designed rather tall, stout. What I like most in the design of this lipstick is lipstick brush.



Lip brushes are designed to help the spread of flat 2-sided simple lipstick lips, levied on the lip is very easy and son were taken out of each well enough to use, not too little or too much, when hit all on one side, the lip can be reverse-face with the other reviews.

 Colors: This lip palette contains all 16 colors from nude tones to the very dark color.


I took this picture on the Internet for you, but the color does not seem to be true

- Fleur: I found this rather strange color, it is the blending between browns and oranges, make orange soil was also called.


Pigment Gloss Matte Finish Flat Girl - Fleur
This color looks west and I saw pretty well for you to make any tan skin, rated nude lips will look natural, one white, the color will be darker and more popular.

- Bazaar: This is actually my colors also found a bit strange, this land is pink, but also quite well, not too deep or too old where whites whipped up more than a tẹo see it.


Girl Matte Finish Pigment Gloss Flat - Bazaar. This color picture was brighter up, it's darker outside a little.

Lipstick substances: do not understand why it's there in your name letters gloss disturbing people, but you love it so creamy lipstick packets. Very soft lips brushed it but to wait 2-3 minutes for the lip very hard-dry lip, nothing packets with it always. Son to feel like applying paint or glue on the lips á, type in a heavy, dry lips. 

This lipstick has a bit strange point of each tree left lip slightly different, like color after drying Bazaar is quite smooth and not sticky, and sticky colored Fleur breath, pursed lips style when you stick together, the lip of the lip under the upper lip will stick í, much can stick out or create streaks of lipstick peeling lips pretty vicious aesthetic, it's a bit strange because although sticky but when I touched his finger to his lips to drink water, or when their wireless lip it out, just as pursed lip stick so new. They do not know this difference is due lipstick (treelike Bazaar always smooth, always stick Fleur tree ???) or bad luck by being so new. But also how to fix is ​​simple, lips pursed again not to be, but if you can not postpone the rapture that is just lightly coated a layer of powder on the lips is done, every stick, every film

One point of note taking this lip balm is a must carefully before use, lip exfoliating regularly will beautiful because this son too hard-up dead skin flakes can give away much, how many wrinkles on lips and expose that always, with the likes of you any kind of soft and moist lips lipstick do then please ignore this child, this child will feel using dry steam as it rolls moisturize lips to lips what you. Compared with children Bourjois rouge velvet edition then hit a dry substance Bourjois lip will give environmental effects but still slightly moist packets, slipping slightly on the lips lipstick, rub your finger on lip stick still, this guy even more packets and à decent bit dry, the color offset Bourjois grip can not measure up to this guy anywhere.



Coloration and high grip: this child to the extremely good color, the pigment in lipstick is very bold, like your imagination to paint her lips, where the color scan to media to cover it, so to me í then you do not need intensive environmental concerns or where the environment is difficult to lipstick, play stripping. 


As for traction, then indeed you it is the best result that his son clinging ever used, not eating or removing make sure it keeps idling away on the lips forever. Unlike lipstick lip tint very strong sticking by it enters the environment and leave a layer of color, to me this LA Girl What it does not leach into the environment where nghiec that the entire class would like glue stick lipstick lips, whether you eat what drink or kissing, the glue was also much intact.

. Of course if you tell me it's absolutely not what it's fading lied then, after eating burned, then she also fade around 20-30%, according to its very stable and that's still not the right bowl. Lipstick finished if kept dry lips, the lip will completely prevent sticking out straws, masks, ... If you're dining with dishes especially water vapor, the son will be sticky and wires out eating utensils but finished look overall, the environmental re still ok. However, except when you point it will not fade gradually fade style as usual lipstick bars that it tends little patchy peeling lips then, when this lip makeup remover, I had the feeling is an so hated lips because any residue fall out lipstick.

Smell: really is with her lipstick almost odorless, beaten on the lips not feel anything at all, to prescribe inhaled nasal son took the tube to breathe, then see it smelled a bit like paint smell.

Price and place of purchase: This lipstick is priced in the US $ 5, for this.

In aggregate, the environment for the dry and heavy that it gives you, I think this is not the kind of people who are like son, the houses are in love, but for those of you looking for a good lip coloration and fastness then she is the ideal choice already.

Video Lip Swatches and Mini Review: L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses


By: Tonado Joesy