Lindsay Lohan endeared with Greek businessmen

Oct 20,2016
Two months after the cancellation of Russian billionaire boyfriend kissing, actress seems to have a new romantic prop is a different entrepreneurship.

According to Celebuzz, Lindsay Lohan has been photographed many intimate moments with business partner Dennis Papageorgiou. This led many fans could not believe that she was ready for a new lover, after the end not very smooth relationship with Egor Tarabasov.

Series of photos taken on the night of 14 October, recorded moments Mean Girls star is passionate embrace her boyfriend while playing in nightclubs Bouzoukia, Athens. Immediately following night, they continue to have many romantic gestures at a nightclub just opened by two of them contributed their fun.


In response to questions from fans about the emotional suspected case, Lindsay Lohan frankly said: "Dennis was not my boyfriend. He is a business partner and my best friend too, "she wrote on Instagram.


However, those intimate moments, romantic gestures and tender care that young entrepreneurs Greece for Lohan without making fans hope for a happy love story, after so many incidents of violence.


Last month, Lohan appeared on a Russian radio program and said she was afraid of being life-threatening boyfriend when I was in the apartment in London. In it, there are times he has suddenly appeared and strangled her, causing her to scream and neighbors for help.

In response, his billionaire said he only 23 years old was the victim of a smear campaign by the former honor. "She was given incorrect information to distort the essence relationship between us, to accuse me of a baseless," he told the Daily Mail.



By: Gonzalez Nelson