Lamborghini Huracan over 1,000 horsepower strength

Nov 3,2016
DMC Lamborghini Huracan has turned from 602 horsepower up to 1,073 horsepower, torque increased from 560 Nm to 1,000 Nm. Vehicles are tied more carbon fiber spoiler pit.

DMC is a specialized company from Germany the package provides for the supercar world. They call themselves "The refined elegance". The company did not just tweak but also to upgrade the car, from the exterior bodykit to "internal forces" inside.

Lamborghini Huracan original Spyder design with powerful 5.2 liter V10 engine capacity of 602 horsepower.

However, DMC said that the car is still not strong enough. They have transformed the car into a "super monster" with the capacity to double and wild appearance looks a lot more than the original.


By DMC version called the E-GT Spyder LP1088 with a capacity of 1,073 horsepower increased DMC bodykit along great.


E-GT LP1088 put on her shiny blue Lemans. The details of the DMC bodykit add more personality to the "super monster". The front spoiler also under the nose and both hips car.


Especially so large rear wing with carbon, making the car like a real race car. DMC tiles arranged carbon tails and left the company's logo above the word Lamborghini.


The most important point in this vehicle's engine block. The carrier has equipped the DMC added a pair of turbochargers and recalibrated ECU, help tank capacity from 602 horsepower up to 1,073 horsepower, torque of 560 Nm to 1,000 Nm from.

These changes have helped LP1088 E-GT Spyder accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 345 km / h.


By: Edwards Bell