Lamborghini Aventador SV replace appearance, high capacity

Oct 8,2016
Aventador SV supercar changing appearance and increased strength after the company Novitec Torado hands.

Novitec Torado no stranger to lovers of Lamborghini supercars. This firm has undertaken the edition supercar impressed with the bull logo. At the same time, also created Torado Novitec kit for the Lamborghini supercar.

On the Aventador SV this, the front end is mounted a new rear diffuser. This bodykit including front and 2 wind cavity side is not the same standard.


Meanwhile, the rear wing is mounted high winds. Complete details of the new bodykit are made from carbon fiber.


The Aventador SV standard units owned capacity of 750 kW and maximum torque of 690 Nm. However, Novitec has not yet satisfied with this figure, and has increased the engine power to 786 hp and torque of 737 Nm maximum.


However, the most striking point on the Aventador SV is in the unique style paint color, the color gray, black and neon green. Style camo paint color trends are becoming more popular, after the Red Bull Racing team used on racing cars RB11.

Aventador SV appearance is completed with black rims brands size Vossen, 20-inch front and 21 inch rear.


By: Garcia Martinez