Korean Natural Makeup

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! Here is another tutorial!!!! I've been testing cushion for awhile and been LOVING it. Hope you guys enjoy this simple Korean Natural Makeup Tutorial.

Natural makeup helps elegant face, serene while capturing the natural beauty inherent girlfriend without making you older faces as heavy makeup. Experiment with natural makeup two later!

The highlight of each makeup style is in the eyes. First you need to cover up the white eye shadow on the eye puffiness and 2/3 lower eyelids. 


Also eyeliner on the eyelids from half to the eyes, pay attention not to extend the corners of her eyes.


 Use light pencil line 2/3 lower eyelid to close the eyes from their sockets. Then dab a layer of brown eyeshadow on the lower end of the eyelid.


Light brown powder coated onto the two regions from the foot zone along the flank and beat blush.


Moisturizing lipstick to her lips.


Lightly brush a layer of mascara to the eyelashes.


 After a while moisturizing lipstick to the lips become softer, continue pinkish lipstick lips. Mark lipstick naturally and not painted lips.


  Drawing pale eyebrows and under the brow's natural frame. And attention should not be too dark blush, just enough for your face not too pale after white powder coated. 


So you have to be face with natural beauty, exalted the beauty on your face but easy to distract people because they think it's your bare face.


Video Korean Natural Makeup

By: Tonado Joesy