Journey followed the great explorers

Oct 29,2016
From the plains of Africa to north is the remote, you can experience many exciting historical path followed several famous explorers.

The mystery is not the answer, and the opportunity to experience the new civilization always urges people engaged.

Although the world map has nearly been cleared of all, following in the footsteps of famous explorers will also bring new experiences, unforgettable for everyone.

Here are 4 journey you should try at least once in their lifetime.

Silk Road passing through Europe and Asia

Marco Polo left Venice (Italy) at 17. A great journey took him to the legendary Silk Road, through the Middle East, surpassing Parmir mountains, going into Mongolia and China.

At that time, this was the secret that Europeans can not reach. But the path that brings fame to Marco Polo. He spent 17 years in the Emperor Kublai Khan as an adviser, a trusted friend.

In the meantime, Marco has the opportunity to discover many mysterious lands and majestic. He has shared his story in the book of Marco Polo's Travels. This is said to be the first book tells the story of the expedition.

Advice to travelers: Be yourself once Silk Road experience. Most of the trade branches on this road still exist, stretching across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and China.

Visitors can travel by motor vehicles, firsthand look at the desert and majestic mountains, meadows, vast steppes of Asia.

If looking for inspiration, you can start the trip from Beijing, China and at the last stop is the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

You can fully experience themselves once on the Silk Road.

Journey to discover the heart of Africa
The explorer Samuel Baker, British researchers living in 19th century Florence He and his wife have arrived in many parts of Africa.

Samuel had great success in finding the headwaters of the Nile. He also participated in several expeditions exploring the Central African region.

Samuel Baker was the first European who discovered Lake Albert, one of the largest lakes in Uganda. Witnessed trafficking black slaves in Africa, he became one of the pioneers stood up in favor of emancipation.

Tips for travelers: Following Samuel and Florence Baker Lady explore the history is a poor idea. This long journey began from Gondokoro (now Juba) of South Sudan, to Baker's View, Lake Albert where he saw for the first time in 1864.

Stretching 500 miles Roadmap requires travelers to prepare the necessary qualified page, by only a few small villages along the way.

On the journey to discover the heart of Africa.

Sail away to the Northwest, along the lines of the Congo
Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer is famous for the journey to discover Africa. He is widely known for saying: "Doctor Livingstone, is that he does not?". These are the first words said when Henry found David Livingstone and his expedition, who allegedly disappeared in Tanzania in 1871.

Henry Morton Stanley was also noted for search efforts upstream Nile and the discovery of Lake Victoria. His greatest contribution was put on the map Congo river in the world. He spent 999 days in the African wild place to complete this study.

Congo is one of the deepest and longest river in the world.

Tips for travelers: Although Congo River flowing through the mountains and remote places in Africa also, you will not have to spend as much time as Sir Henry to go its full length.

Downstream of the Congo, one of the deepest and longest river in the world, visitors can learn about the lives of indigenous peoples and wildlife watching. To ensure safety, travelers should prepare thoroughly by this trip will be no mid-journey stops.

In search of the lost city of the Incas
Top-ky20, American historian, Hiram Bingham III, spent a large period of time to explore the South American region. He tells the story of the journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lima, Peru in his book.

Labor famous Hiram found Machu Picchu, even though he was confused. Hiram said that this is the city in the valley of Vilcabamba, where he used to take the search. In fact, in the 15th century, Machu Picchu was built as a summer residence for the Emperor Pachacuti.

Despite the confusion of this explorer, Machu Picchu is still regarded as one of the greatest archaeological finds in the world. Bingham also is a professor working at two prestigious universities: Harvard and Yale (US). He is a role model in the Indiana Jones character in the famous series of Hollywood adventure.

Machu Picchu is considered as one of the greatest archaeological finds in the world.

Tips for travelers: Machu Picchu is certainly one of the attractive tourist destinations and landmarks to discover the world. Nevertheless, travelers still have many other options to satisfy thirst to explore the country of Peru.

One of them is the trip Choquequirao 8 days on the road, along the Andes, through the ruins of the Incan empire and the fortress on the mountain wilderness.

The road is little climbers this choice will give visitors the opportunity to explore the land that Bingham ever come across a century ago, according to the fullest.

By: Garcia Martinez