Is there anything under Devil's triangle in North Atlantic Ocean ?

Oct 20,2016
Conspiracy theorists believe that the pyramid structure of the crystal is likely to have created a mystical powers related to the disappearance of aircraft and vessels.

Referring to the Bermuda Triangle, people think of the mystery of the mysterious land and air services, the mysterious missing boats passing by here.

One theory was given when experts discovered crystal pyramids 2,000 years old standing in the sea in the Bermuda Triangle. And the pyramid may be the cause of the missing service mysterious plane while flying over the Bermuda.

Although this hypothesis had been launched in 2012 but the researchers have a headache and want to find more evidence for this hypothesis.

Accordingly, this crystal pyramid with foundations 300m long, 200m high. From the foundation to the top of the 100m high tower. Pyramid rest beneath the great sea and 3x 3m pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

According to Dr. Meyer Verlag, great pyramids 2,000 years old crystal is built using special technology that modern science is not known.

Dr. Verlag believe, if further investigation of the secrets of the pyramids can reveal more about the mysterious case of the missing aircraft, boats when "set foot" to the Bermuda Triangle.

Nigel Watson - author of the book "UFO Investigations Manual" who studies the phenomenon shared that "this pyramid always contain countless secrets that have yet to discover all."

He believes that, the crystals on the pyramid has created a mystical powers related to the disappearance of aircraft and vessels.

Despite the above statement, the scientists have not yet found the evidence shows what Dr. Verlag refers exist and feasible. Because no records, videos about the coordinates of the pyramid above was announced.

By: Foster Gonzales