iPhone are quietly tracking users

Oct 11,2016
Frequent Locations feature always run silently on the iPhone to collect information from the user locations.

Release of iOS 7, 2013, Apple has added offline Frequent Locations feature. It is licensed for the iPhone save the places frequented users.

iPhone always record where users go through. Photo: BGR.

According iDropnews, although Apple assured the data collected by the Frequent Locations stored on your device only, and only user intervention, but in truth, the company has quietly used this information to improve iOS.

This problem will cause discomfort for some users with high requirements on privacy, data or do not want to spend the 3G / 4G.

To turn off the Frequent Locations, users can go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services. Then pull down the bottom, click on the System Services.

 Frequent Locations section, at the bottom, users will see the places he had frequented many times. When clicking on one of these places, you have to know how long I was there, at any time, any location on Apple Maps.

If you want to delete all the data, click the Clear History button (deleting the entire history). Do not want the iPhone automatically record the location, just off function Frequent Locations.

By: Gonzalez Nelson