iMessage tied tightly Apple's users

Oct 11,2016
Android has more features and similar iOS app, however, is the special weapons iMessage but Apple owns.

iMessage is extremely dangerous weapon of Apple. Photo: The Verge.
Almost everything that iOS ownership are also available on Android: Calendar, music, email, social networking ...

But according to The Verge, something that will block the decision of iPhone users move through Android, is iMessage.

All are available on Android, except iMessage

Over time, iMessage become indispensable for iPhone users. If utilities are raised above the bone, it's iMessage connective tissue. Quick chat, share location, .gif image, a series of exciting emoticons ... are things that iMessage is doing very well.

Many people may be protested and said that other applications now also have similar capabilities.

Google has just restarted the whole strategy of the war message. They launched the Allo (intelligent messaging applications) and Duo (video messaging), as a replacement for Hangouts - video chat software on the Android default.

However, these applications do not generate sync experience for the user, so different at the same time. Meanwhile, iMessage has formed the community at large and can not be separated.

However, iMessage is not the only thing that makes people unable to leave Apple. Besides, the choice of remaining users from the security and safety, which are highly valued by Apple with.

IPhone users is not easy to abandon iMessage. Photo: The Verge.

Other pluses are the Apple of iPhone users access the application earlier than other operating systems. Many software developers have said they are focused on developing products for the iOS front, although the amount of the Google Play Store to download more.

This is entirely understandable. The favorite programming iOS capital for good optimization capabilities, and iOS users also spend more money shopping than Android fans.

But what's special is located in the iOS ecosystem. Interoperability between the iPhone and other Apple products, which are linked by efficient iMessage.


June is the time Apple introduced a series of new features appear on iMessage, while allowing 3rd party application developers to participate. Many people suspect that Apple will allow messaging applications appear on the Android smartphone.

However, this possibility is very unlikely. Everyone knows that iMessage is chicken laying golden eggs of the apple, and the reason they did not allow it through the opponent. Apple iMessage is what locks the user to stay with their iPhone and Mac.

But say this is not a perfect iMessage. Who knows, Apple must accept the additional ability to share photos gif, icon packs after long time many other applications were made.

Thus, the duo's new Pixel Google Android may be the high-end smartphone, with more intelligent virtual assistants, the number of messaging applications Apple Google also more numerous. However, according to The Verge addicts is not easy to give up iPhone iMessage.

By: Feedy Jonhson