Iceland candidate of Miss Grand International had quitted this contest being fat

Oct 25,2016
Yr Jonsdottir Arna was required to requirements lose weight in preparation for the finale by the boss of an international beauty contest.

The latest information from the Monitor page or the beautiful Iceland Arna Yr Jonsdottir will not contest the final night of Miss Grand International on 25 October.

She wrote on her facebook: "I have to protect myself, protect Iceland and women around the world. I will not let them criticize themselves too fat. I chose to give up. I will not participate Miss Grand International again ".

In addition, representatives of Iceland boss also sent Miss Grand International - Nawat Itsaragrisil - a letter. In it, she criticized him his patented fat is ludicrous. Arna Yr Jonsdottir Nawat advised if he wanted to organize a beauty contest international stature should learn to respect international beauty.

Miss Iceland posted pictures wearing swimsuit on a personal page. Photo: MGI.

"I will return home in the position of one winner and proud" - Arna Yr Jonsdottir confirmed on Facebook.

Instagram page, the beautiful 21-year-old said she remained in Las Vegas (USA) until 26 October to explore the city, enjoy delicious food and enjoy the fun.

Currently, the organizers of Miss Grand International has not made any official announcement about the contest represented Iceland quit. Information and pictures of the contestants still on the website.

 Arna quitted after being criticized for fatty competition. Photo: MGI.

Earlier, Miss Iceland 2015 Iceland shared with Monitor page that she was cooking fat and need to lose weight quick. Accordingly, boss Miss International Peace asked her to give up breakfast, eat only salad at lunch and drinks for dinner.

This makes very disappointed Arna Yr Jonsdottir. She pressing: "If he really does not like me and want me to lose weight, then he does not deserve to have me in the top 10 contest."

By: Gray Ramirez