How to make up beautiful sunny tone as Sulli - f (x)

Nov 25,2016
How to make up with pink-yellow tone was not difficult, but it helps you get more radiant face in collecting weather days.

 Sulli of f (x) which is famous for doll's face with big eyes and white skin smooth spotless. Therefore it seems to always make-up style with this girl. Sulli has most recently appeared on the cover of the magazine with makeup style is simple but effective, able to lighten and more radiant face. With the use of concrete as the main gold glitter pink eye, make-up style will help your eyes look bigger, brighter, and also help you look younger.

Let us look through these simple steps extreme makeup to achieve concrete make-up styles are light yellow light pink!

Step 1: Use a brow pencil to fuller.


Note that with this type of makeup is bold Sulli attention only eyebrow tail whiff!


Step 2: Use toothpaste nude eyeshadow as a base for eye bowl.


Step 3: Continue to use eyeshadow. Start with the yellow canopy eyeshadows are light orange to the eye.


Then use the brush to focus light brown color marked with yellow eyes.


Use a brown eyeshadow all over the eye co-endorsed.



Use a little yellow eyeshadow on the lower eyelid to the lower bowl.


Step 4: Use brown eyeliner eyeliner as contour.



Step 5: Continue to use black eyeliner pencil bowl brown override just those parts to hit more to the eye.


Step 6: Use Car bronze eyeliner at the lower eyelid.


Step 7: Clamp eyelid...


... And mascara to the top lashes and lower lashes.


And so you have perfect eye makeup section then!



Step 8: Use a concealer to cover dark circles or other facial defects.


Step 9: Apply concealer around the lip to help beat beaten black medium enterprises easier.



Step 10: Start rated medium enterprises by spreading soot lips red berry tint around the lips ...


... Then use the bright red tint lips capitalize on the lips.


Step 11: Use a pink blush on the cheek blend well.


And so you have completed this and makeup!

Not difficult to get such lovely make-up style of Sulli, right?

Video How to make up beautiful sunny tone as Sulli - f (x)


By: Gray Ramirez