Han Se-drama Femme Fatale Makeup

Jan 5,2017
From her head to her feet, even her charm, she is a gem! Did she get the help of Cinderella's new mother? Newly dressed up ~

A seductive appearance as a fatal glamorous and has been a big success as a flower of the gambling. If the choice of 'Kinda Kimi' for coldness was red, then the choice of Chogok is chrysanthemum gold and brown! Han Ye Sul's Femme Fatale Makeup HOWTO with 10 points out of 10 even styling!

1. First will illuminate the entire face a cream background.

2. Next will be coated with a thin and smooth powder.

3. If necessary, use less powder bronzer sweep around the face to create the slim volume.

4. With the eyes, the first will be a brown layer of chalk in the eyelid.
Next will use neutral colors to spread in the upper eyelid, under the brow bone.


5. Approves a little dark brown powder in border monitoring and the outer corner of the eye mi, so your eyes will look sharper.

6. Clamp lashes.

7. Use a black eyeliner pencil to rim countries upper eyelids close.

8. With edging lower lids, will spread a layer first neutral emulsion powder.

10. Then lightly with brown edges.

11. Use pink lipstick seemed to increase fresh, sexy.

Video Han Se-drama Femme Fatale Makeup

By: Foster Gonzales