Guiding light makeup for teen girl

Nov 27,2016
Choose makeup for accenting natural beauty added to your available.

Start makeup

 Apply foundation
Apply a thin amount of attention in the area under the eyes or defective parts to not be deflected with your skin tone. Use a concealer if necessary. In the rest of the face, apply a little darker foundation or cream over the chin to feel like you're not wearing masks.

Dab concealer one tone lighter than your skin tone. Apply under the eyes, around the nose, mouth or any area with defects. If you need more coverage, using a brush apply a thin layer of foundation to your face.

You can also apply a tinted moisturizer instead on cream background. Apply a layer of chalk to cover the fixed concealer and foundation.


Use pink makeup brushes prominent part in the cheeks to create a natural. If your skin is light, only thin coated with chalk. If your skin is oily, use bronzer to create blocks for the two cheeks or just apply a very thin and light blush. The insidious skin you would with bronzer or blush to create a dark block.



1. Eyebrows


If you want to look sharp eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil and color, draw a line longer than your natural brows. Brush again with mascara, eyeliner gel or Vaseline to fixed and not blurred. Absolutely not pluck eyebrows because they cause eyelid.


2. Apply eyeshadow


Draw a line outlining the eyes with brown or black eyeliner, who noticed not too thick. Eyeshadow color choices for you (bronze, brown, gold, cream or pink), hit up parts eyelids. Colour light emulsions also create nice effects to the eyes because the eyes look elegant not heavy. Use a different color for the eye shadow with wrinkles. Pastel pink, silver, copper, gold will make eyes look more natural.


3. Brow mascara


Clamp, then use black or brown mascara to lashes for thick polished. Board can apply a layer of mascara on clamping tools then bending mi mi. This will make you look more special. If you do not want to use mascara, you can apply a little Vaseline on the eyebrows eyebrows made more elongated.

4. Eyes

Typically used black eyeliner or brown. If desired alternative, you can use the color pink or silver.


5. Lips


You can choose lipstick or lip tint wind. This lip color two categories are very gently up, naturally. Can apply lip gloss, then apply a layer of lipstick wind up on to keep the color longer. Peach is the most natural colors you should choose.


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By: Turner Phillips