Gucci fiercely criticized because of using kangaroo fur to make shoe soles in new collection

Oct 20,2016
And this is not the first time the world-famous brand is facing opposition from the public and animal protection association with the use of animals for fashion.

The use of feathers or dead animals to make clothes of the major fashion brand which is no longer a strange story with every fashionista and animal lovers around the world. This is war, "the period" between a party protecting the beauty and the side protection of the life of humanity, and this war was never assigned to an end.

Recently, outrage took place when Gucci launch shoe collection form that many people suddenly lined with fur on the shoes at Milan Fashion Week. More precisely, it is the kangaroo fur.


Macro Gucci shoes using kangaroo fur made insoles


And of course the recently introduced, Gucci has encountered many objections and criticism from the blogosphere


Most people outrage and calls for a boycott of jobs is brutal to animals


This is not the first time Gucci "suffered" public pressure when using animals to do this costume. The story above has happened last year, after settling down for a while, so far continues to cause a wave of protests by animal lover world.


Brand had launched fur lining kangaroo sample last year and also caught everyone's criticism


Tom Hiddleston in the latest shoot with delicate embroidery double plaform that get offensive fur.

Inside the shoe is pretty thick undercoat made of kangaroo

However, it seems that it does not stop to put on his world famous outfits "horror" is. Recently, model Alexa Chung has presence such shoes at the Milan Fashion Week. Other fans of this shoe sample also Sienna Miller, Kendall Jenner, and Dakota Johnson.

Not only women, eyebrow beard faction also quite popular this shoe samples, typically Tom Hiddleston. Recently, he went to the shoes with kangaroo fur in a photo shoot for Gucci.




By: Gonzalez Nelson