Gradating Eyeline Technique

Jan 3,2017
The eye line that expresses a clear and clear eye is more beautiful when it adds a deep feeling to the line gradation by adding the shadow to the single line.

The formula of Eyeliner with a soft texture is less irritating to the eyes, and the gel liner is excellent in adhesion, durability, and elaborate expression. However, it is difficult to blend after the drying speed is fast, and powder shadow gradation on the gel line is not easy. Let's add a few tips to complement the disadvantages to express a deep and deep gradient. Gently loosen the interface of the dry gel line first, mix gel liners and dark tone shadows or use a creamy mid-tone pencil. Then add the same series of shadows to make a more detailed gradient.

* Advantage:

- Suitable for the girls are in the learning stage using pencil eyeliner

- Simple and save time

- Fix minor eye defects, eye eyelid, eye lids unknown ...

* How to lead eyeliner


Way with a pencil eyeliner eye natural beauty

- Start from the corner of his eye, using black pencil draw a thin line along the upper eyelid line monitoring.

To the eyes, lasting little more bold slightly above the tail close to the sharp eyes, round eyes help more impressive.

- Joints curved lashes on for creating natural big round eyes.

Pencil drawing created eyelids with eye contour piece

In the Korean entertainment industry, many fine people like Yoona Park, Suzy, Shin Hye, ... have chosen this style eyelids drawing style do their own makeup.



- Press deep eyes, helps you get the natural beauty like no makeup

- Suitable for girls has eyeholes large but unknown eyelid

* How eyelids painted with lead:


Lead the way eyeliner

- Using eyeliner or eyeliner brush to create many small dots together as close to the lashes as possible.

- Continue guys thin line of eyeliner on the lower eyelid to the eyes looked glitter, sexier

- Press the pen gently draw a line connecting the dots to create seamless and then create a link between the upper eye liner and eye contour in mi. Part lower eyelid, you guys extending to 2/3 as you've got beautiful eyes piece.

- Brow mascara to lashes more thick.



* Advantage:

- Create a character's eyes, impressive, suitable for prom, birthdays ...

- In line with the self-deprecating girlfriend with small eyes, eyes Híp, lidded eye ..

* Instructions on how to draw eyes with lead


Please choose a darker eyeliner tree and start drawing lines shaped eyeliner.

- You should start from the lower eyelid, then drag slightly on the eyes lead

- Continue guys thin line connecting the upper eyelid and bold mid upper eyelid 2.

- Upon completion, the more she could accenting the eyes with a little light brown powder, mascara.

Video Gradating Eyeline Technique



By: Foster Gonzales