Gorgeous photoshoot after 10 years of traveling

Nov 3,2016
Travel around the world for over 10 years, photographer Pascal Mannaerts (who Brussels, Belgium) has long explored the culture, and impressive pictures.

U-Bein Bridge (Myanmar): One of the famous places, are looking to the photographer to compose the most photos in Myanmar.

Holi Festival (India): Also known as the festival of colors Hindus, usually held in the spring. Shown is the thousands of women participated in the festival held in the city of Vrindavan.

Many other locations in India Holi festival, including the city of Nasik.


Sheikh Lotfollah Cathedral (Isfahan, Iran): This Mosque is a masterpiece of world architecture, works by architects Iranian Safavid created. Isfahan, about 2,500 years old, is one of the oldest cities in Iran.


Tsaatan ethnic nomads (Mongolia): They also called Dukha ethnic nomads. With the main task is raising reindeer, people displaced Tsaatan 5-10 times a year.


Town Green (Chefchaouen, Morocco): Chefchaouen has a rich history, beautiful natural scenery and amazing architecture. But the most famous is the area where the old town, with all the houses are painted blue.


Fushimi Inari Shrine (Japan): Fushimi Inari Shrine was built in the year 711 for the first time to worship the goddess of rice and prosperity Inari. The faithful come here to pray for wealth and success, while tourists are attracted by the beauty and the history of it.


Jokhang Temple (Lhasa, Tibet, China): For Tibetans, this is one of the big temple and the holiest. Jokhang Temple was built in the seventh century, is a UNESCO world heritage site.


 City Harar (Ethiopia): This is the place to contain thousands of years of history of the African continent, with the architecture colorful pastel colors. It is recognized as a world cultural heritage (2006), the specialty is the deep alley hun smoking and high wall maze.


Fishing on the pile (Ahangama, Sri Lanka): Fishing is pretentious pile has a long tradition of fishermen in the town Kathaluwa and Ahangama. Here, men spend two sessions each day to stand on a pile to be built, to wait for hours until the fish to bite.


Gobi (Mongolia): According to Pascal, the sun rises in the Gobi desert is one of the scene made him unforgettable.


India: One of the most conservative traditions of the Hindus in India are widows can not remarry. They were forced to stay at home, do not wear jewelry, wear white mourning and loss of right to participate in religious life.


Become outcasts, many people fled to the big cities. Today, the situation is much better thanks widow social progress.


Medina (Fez, Morocco): the 2nd largest city in Morocco, which was the capital, the cultural center and the spirit of its people.


Valley of the Kings (Egypt): Seen from the balloon, the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile out with a lot of the pharaoh's tomb intact.


Laguna Colorada (Bolivia): This is a shallow salt lake in Bolivia, located in the garden Biosphere Reserve Eduardo Avaroa Andean countries.


Abbey - Al-Deir (Jordan): Monastery was built from limestone in the first century, with a height of 45 m, 47 m wide.


Fences West Bank (Israel): The wall between Israel and Bethlehem, occupied territories of Palestine.


Gorom-Gorom: This desert area is a province in the north of the country Burkina Faso (West Africa).


Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka): This is a city in the central hills of Sri Lanka. This is one of the tea growing areas (tea), the country's largest.

Sud de Lípez (Bolivia): In the hilly area, the southernmost country of Bolivia, Sud de Lípez has many large lakes, including shallow salt lake Laguna Colorada.



By: Gonzalez Nelson