Google: 'Sales of iPhone 7 will increase'

Oct 3,2016
Based on the search engine Google, two researchers from Longbow said, iPhone 7 sales will outstrip iPhone 6S by the spike of queries.

The tool shows search trends, Google can be used to predict the growth of iPhone sales. And with the query about the iPhone 7 shows Apple is about to rise to welcome the good news end of the year.

Two veteran analyst Shawn Harrison and Frank Carson from Longbow estimates, target price of Apple shares (AAPL) could reach 140 USD / share. This number is based on what they collect from the level of interest of the users of iPhone 7 through search engine Google.

Accordingly, Harrison and Frank Carson evaluate "heat" on par with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, iPhone Mobile Phones are the most interested so far, launched two years ago.

This observation contrasts compared to the predictions of many experts in the world of technology village earlier. They predicted iPhone sales will continue to decline because of that, the iPhone version 7 does not meet expectations, and users can skip this year to wait for the next model iPhone 8.

Investment firm Bernstein Research believes that the number of devices Apple sold in the fourth quarter will be reduced by 5%, while Credit Suisse launched the greater number, up to 7%. Barclays Bank has just kind of Apple from the top spot in the list of most worth the investment company, holding company location during the past year, due to business concerns bleak situation from the smartphone market.

Sales of the iPhone 7 is said to be much higher than expected.

But any predictions only relative. Longbow team acknowledged that their assessment could be wrong, but the numbers are in favor Apple. Statement by the experts at Longbow specify:

"Search trends iPhone 7 on Google increased significantly compared with the iPhone 6S and quite close to the time of the search pattern iPhone 6 launch this phone. IPhone volume of search queries from Google usually closely related to the shipment sold and partly predict future sales. "

"We monitor queries over a period of 5 days before the event announced the iPhone, and 11 days later. 7 beginning of the iPhone better than the iPhone 6S and nearly caught up with the iPhone 6, but can not comprehensively assess market demand. "

Below is a chart that shows the relevance between the search query on Google and the iPhone's sales. The data as of the previous quarter due to data on iPhone 4/2016 7 unpublished. Longbow predictions, Apple will have you trading exceeded expectations thanks to looking for a new smartphone spike recently.

Chart relevancy between the search query and iPhone sales.

5 days before the announcement, the average rate of 10 searchers iPhone 6S have 40 people looking iPhone 7. Similarly, on November 7 and 11 iPhone launch later date, this ratio respectively 10/228 and 10 / 36-167 (about 67 to 167 searches).

This difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 lower. 5 days before the opening ceremony, there were 10 searches iPhone 6 to 20 queries iPhone 7. The rate at the time of launch and 11 days later 10/110 and 10/100 respectively.

Google is a great tool to evaluate the market in many different fields. But sometimes it is difficult to predict. For example, an analyst from UBS recently said, the level of interest the iPhone 7 lower than the predecessor model.

By: Yanny Florida