Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! Who else is in love with the drama "Producer". I love how her looks throughout the episodes are very minimal and natural, with a point makeup (lip or cheek).

I immediately fell in love with this look where she was wearing the one piece pink dress and was on top of the roof with Kim Soo Hyun! It's a semi smokey, very natural dusty pink eye makeup! Hope you guys enjoy!! Thumbs up if you would like to see a CINDI (IU's) inspired makeup tutorial as well!

This is a makeup style natural trend, but will highlight in bold eyes and sharper than style 1.


Prepare background with pale eyes under dark tone.


Lipstick white eyeshadow on the puffiness on, then divided into three parts puffiness in part, use brown eyeshadow brush up two sections at the ends and leave in the middle section. Then use the yellow light eyeshadow in the middle part covered. Who lead police two upper and lower eyelids, not who extends beyond the eyes.


Now continue using brush tail extends guys eyes on the eyes, and then polishing the tail eyes with smoky eyes. Then type layer in the white eyeshadow under eye puffiness, continue to use smoky eye light up the area covered under eye puffiness. 

 Curved eyelashes, mascara to both the lower and upper eyelids mi. Mark lip balm and then continued light pink gloss.


Mark slight blush and brown painted eyebrows.  Using brushes and eye in eye liner on the inside at both ends of the lower eyelid.

 Get brown as the main color tone matching eyeshadow and oriental beauty of Asian women helps facial beauty girlfriends become more subtle and elegant.

Video GONG HYO-JIN MAKEUP "Producer"

By: Tansania Alia