Glamor makeup natural beauty

Nov 25,2016
Is considered to be one of the color tone fashion quite hit last season, ombre tones caused her so much you have to "hysterical".

When the territory extends from clothing, hairstyles to makeup. But then with the characteristic discoloration and somewhat subversive, ombre wield almost disappointingly small and far from luxurious style, the nobility of her office

Check out the clip and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: If you have perfect skin, then you can skip right to use foundation and concealer in the eye bags, nostrils and mouth corners ...

... Blend well with a small brush to create smooth subbase.

Step  2: Negative 1 chalk layer overlaid on the entire surface.

Step 3: Apply to the previous one red lipstick thin layer to form background color layer helps protect the environment.

Step 4: Use a small brush and brown powder to gel clear eyebrow pencil.

Step 5: Government pink eyeshadows emulsion dug up the entire sky eyes.

Step 6: Press the navy at the corners of her eyes and the upper rim of the eye crease. Use round brush to create the movement spread all natural colored stars.



Step 7: Continue to try emulsion peach guys in edging lower lids.



Step 8: Liner from the corner of his eye until the middle of the lower eyelid with white chalk create emulsions round eyes.



Step 9: Contour of the lower eyelid with the wax emulsion of silver.



Step No. 10: Binder eye Double Lashes form.



Step 11: Road eyeliner start from the upper lids pull out the eyes marginally.

Step 12: Carefully mascara makes more seasoned eyelid.

Step 13: Scattering chalk highlighter along 2 sides of muzzle and around the nose and then use both hands to spread naturally to create elegant straight nose.

Step 14: Overwrite old son with 1 layer of red lipstick new layer.



Step 15: Lip below using concealer to hide dark circles and to create a sense sharper lips.

Step 16: Use a small brush dot navy blue eyeshadow in the corner of the mouth of the lower lip. 

Notice that dots are real, hands lightly to create a change in the natural color. 

Now that you've completed the glamorous makeup already! Along watching achievements done yet!


Video Glamor makeup natural beauty



By: Tonado Joesy