Girl's Day MINAH Inspired Makeup

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! I have another kpop inspired makeup tutorial! I decided to do this look by MINAH from her music video "I am a woman too", because it's very simple and easy.

 Great for an everyday makeup as well!! Let me know if there are any other kpop requests down in the comment box! Thanks!

If you have dark skin or tan glamor, choose for her gentle tones as nude, pink lotus ... GONG as Victoria Beckham, with long limbs Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid.


This method will prices go unnecessarily pale skin of your little, and will crown charm of healthy tanned skin, your hot there. And in particular, look very Western anymore. If you have white skin radiant pink then just select monochrome tones to further brighten your left. 


For example, select the pinkish tone like angels Percentage Rate Liu Yifei, Lady Gaga, Emily Blunt, Li Bingbing, ...


Or orange tone youthful, fresh beauties like Blake Lively. Or sweet, chic and haughty with the same deep red tone Actress Rooney Mara.


In addition, deep color tones such as brown soil, deep pink are also very beautiful heart because it helps people look glamorous attracted much, and again by age cheat for the ladies, above all, look you will like it because looks West Hollywood West, this stylish personality that brings.


Here are some tips to help you makeup monochrome sparkling and still shine. 


STEP 1: Flirty background. Smooth skin, few cons to help monochromatic makeup style more prominent. If the party, can create blocks for the nose to face sharper. 

STEP 2: Ke eyebrow. Fuller brows, naturally will be a highlight. Use talcum powder or mascara for eyebrow to eyebrow shaping natural mold that is still outstanding. 


STEP 3: Use eyeshadow pale pink canopy are to vote on the eyes. This pink cardboard suitable for both day and night. Ton silver powder emulsions early wiggle eyes to eyes look more refined. Coral pink lipstick. Can not spread your cheeks.


Monochrome makeup trend has brought sophistication and natural beauty, nobility and elegance, beauty is more popular. So how to makeup that still brightens monochrome, featured as the star, let's learn offline! There are many monochrome tones as nude, pink, orange, red, purple ... for her choices.

Video Girl's Day MINAH Inspired Makeup

By: Torres Peterson