Gigi Hadid suggests 7 items needed in closet autumn

Oct 27,2016
Velvet toys, nude colored sweater, jacket or tracksuit statement is needed for items in the closet collecting girlfriend, was inspired by Gigi Hadid.

Furniture velvet: This is considered a prominent trend of this autumn. Velvet items like jackets, pants, boots and accessories, is enough to bring luxurious look to any set of items.

Tracksuit: The sports personality suit without losing the charm is an indispensable item in Gigi's closet. Instead of tight leggings, you can view comfortable tracksuit, while down the street dynamic.


Coats statement: Form jacket with color, style and unique motifs will easily add robust looks, personality to the wearer. Although you do not choose bold colors and sophisticated design, this item can still sharpen up your own style.


Comfortable jeans: Skinny jeans While still a top priority of Gigi, in the fall, she also regularly wore the relaxed style jeans, torn jeans cool like, boyfriend jeans ...


Sweater nude color: neutral color gamut is not monotonous, not too bright are easy to combine, from skirts, skinny pants, leggings ... Or you can face with torn jeans, oxford shoes personality as Gigi.


Floral collection: These details are romantic motifs Gigi make the most out of your favorite items. Instead of bright colors to represent spring, you should choose bold colors details flowers, melancholy of autumn.

Denim sticker attached: The denim items are familiar to all fashionistas. So why you can not create accenting them with the more interesting sticker? A denim jacket studded sticker naughty girl supermodel as such.


By: Gray Ramirez