Get Ready with Me in KOREAN

Jan 13,2017
Today I decided to film a get ready with me video in Korean~ because it was highly requested for me to film a video in Korean since years ago!! Enjoy!

Simple getup, naturally helping you more elegant face, serene while capturing the natural beauty inherent girlfriend without making your face as the heavy makeup old.

Says makeup is extremely important and necessary because the first is to mention helping us concealer facial skin wounds including pigmentation, discolorations, acne or bruises are obscured gives you confidence than. 


Next is makeup alter your images without having to spend too much money for changing the image of ourselves instead of pouring large sums into the surgical knife. 

Makeup can help you adjust the image size faces you love most. Further help women have more confidence to attract the opposite sex ...



The first secret is the cream liner, foundation, concealer liquid: liquid creams helped skin look naturally smooth ball. Eclipsed cons would be the first choice of the beauty of the South Korean stars. 

A perfect substrate is the key to natural beauty makes the opposite engrossed watching. Substrates must have color, smooth and still translucent, was honored lush skin vitality. Brown eyebrows and lashes: one Korean makeup is the most simple to use chalk brown eyebrow canopy. Brown mascara is another trick to help the eyes look gentle, attracted there by some Korean stars. To create a thick but still natural, go Z-shaped mascara brush or serrated from the middle to the bottom lashes . Then brush mascara vertical direction at the top of the shirt.


Select blusher under the skin: Please sunken cheeks, looked sunken and the skin was chosen blush under the skin that was sunken. That is how to choose blush style nude makeup. Additionally, you can choose different types depending blush makeup style. 

You can use a palm side blusher and brush gently on the skin. Note do not use blush brush to brush as hurtful or scratched skin. Higher positions nose and rosy cheeks outside eye, because if we beat blush will lower nasal passages feel like you are sunburned.





V-line chin: For those who want a slim face, you are using a brush or powder blush hit above the forehead near the hairline, down to the jaw line and under the chin. Diagonal measurement from the ear to the chin and used otter hit palm to shape the direction of measuring V-line. You use the chalk to brush along 2 sides coated nose, eyebrows pulled from beginning to go down. Then follow the road rouge small V-shaped tip to give a sense of a higher nose.

Lipstick: This is a very important part indispensable. Use a lip brush to the side beaten in the face. Use a foam brush to blend well as lipstick, lip rings bring external effects loops are smooth lips in brilliant shine.

Sal Aegyo laughing eyes: "puffiness said laughing," is very popular in Korea because makeup helps puffiness face always looks like smiling. You just use a brown eye pencil draw a line under the framework elected approximately 1/2 eye puffiness and under-range mi 1/2 cm section. Use a cotton swab gently tree canopy that lines faded towards the stern eye on creating a natural consequence and part puffiness evident smiling.

Video Get Ready with Me in KOREAN

By: Ramirez James