Get Ready With Me Daily Makeup

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys!!!! I decided to film myself getting ready!!!

Country are well known about the technology but the girls makeup Korea and the US have a "tut slap" to face disparate ways. Video blogger So Young will show you clearly about this. First, the face makeup.

Teen South often use natural color contact lenses, such as black, brown, big round eyes more. Cream white background choose 1-2 tones brighter face to look more beautiful.


Meanwhile, the US teen eyes like deep hun smoking only. That's why they often choose colored contact lenses as indicated gray sexy. The girls in Europe, America likes healthy tan foundation should have a little darker color skin is familiar stuff.


Makeup blush, hitting different blocks also clear.


Korean girls do not like to hit the block too many unnatural causes. They only scan a small brown chalk up the jawbone to create the V-line. Then use a round brush beaten cute pinkish cheeks.


American-style makeup to much needed chalk blocks. When you brush blush, they usually pink orange canopy from below cheekbones gradually scooped up the ear to face more angular.


Part eyebrows Koreans and Americans are different from those drawings.


Teen South prefer light brown eyebrows, horizontal natural, American teenagers who are quite picky eyebrows, sharp.  Teen South always wanted to own sweet lips, soft. Makeup of the other American girls.


As eye makeup, the girls really big round eyes like Korea, while the US wants deeper the better eye.

To have eyes as desired, in the land of kimchi hit teen brown eyes, eye contour guys a piece. American Teen sexy smoky color and very dark eyeliner press.

While Koreans usually pink lipstick and lip cute heart beat, the American girl chose hard-tones, add a little lip gloss to plump lips very attractive.

Video Get Ready With Me Daily Makeup

By: Taylor Luca