Garden of 67 years old man is full of giant vegetables , every harvest has to ask someone to harvest

Oct 23,2016
Do not understand is no secret that any vegetables are grown old this farm are rapidly developing with giant size incredible.

Feed a family of 18 people eat is extremely arduous, but sometimes only just heard of many who had to shake his head. However, if you have the seeds of vegetables in the garden "miracle" of the old farmer Phillip Vowles, 67, in Llanharry, South Wales, then everything will become much simpler.

His nephew a club-spoke Phillip sat between the giant mustard.

For farmers, lifelong attachment to gardens, fields and then suddenly one day someone discovered in his garden with a pumpkin or a giant cabbage trees, to more than double compared to normal luckily it was. Yet do not understand is no secret that he kept this past Phillip Vowles other services, obtained the tubers year round, rarely seen huge results.


Pumpkins weighing up to half a quintal, much bigger than the child.



Mr. Phillip lived with his wife, Brenda Vowles, and large family with 16 grandchildren in the village Llanharry, Wales. Despite raising to 16-year-old niece is eating big but his family never have to go to the supermarket to buy vegetables.


Every time he had to harvest thanks to the help of friends, neighbors ...



Even with big pumpkins that also enough room for the baby to sit on.



An oversized garlic plants.



Or using wheelchairs like this for transport.


Phillip recently harvested cabbage tree with a diameter of more than 9m, heavy pumpkins to 44.4 kg. And of course his giant pumpkin to win the award. Earlier Mr Vowles ever won numerous awards for his giant fruit. 25 years ago he has set the world record with cucumber weighing up to 8.3 kg.





Vowles Brenda caregiver each meal for family.



Garden not only gives Phillip joy, happiness, pride with giant vegetables but also the rope binding the whole family.

The vegetables are always planted Phillip size and incredible volume so that each harvest he had to rely on the help of relatives or placed on trolleys.


More than 30 years of growing vegetables, Phillip many people everywhere in the world known. Even there who invited him to take Malaysia to a special vegetable breeding, but he refused.



He said: "I like the dinner, the whole family gather together and enjoy the food processing by my wife. It's a great happiness."

By: Gray Ramirez