Flat outfits of Common des Garcon do riot Paris catwalk

Oct 3,2016
With a series of sample costumes vaguely avant garde, Common des Garcon has blown fresh wind to the fashion world.

Common des Garcon's cult fashion brand from the land of cherry blossoms, which is famous for the unique collection and alternative, pioneering.

Common des Garcon is designed Rei Kawabuko female set with her husband. To date, the brand has gone through 14 years, shaping the brand and build strong positions in the fashion world.


At Paris Fashion Week 2016, the Common des Garcon grave tone continues to surprise the debut collection challenges all limits of space.


Entitled "Apparel stealth" (Invisible Clothes), collection is considered the most powerful statement came from her unique position in the fashion Kawakubo International.


This is a collection of surrealist spirit expressed in fashion, with boxy wings simulation, bridges, office envelops the body.


In this collection, she continued to prove Kawabuko endless love fashion Oversize. Major material is velvet, leather and fabric foam ball.


With thick material, stand design, with great visual effects from the combination 2 colors black-white contrast, spring summer collection 2017 of Common des Garcon was completely made voyeuristic viewers.


This is not the first time Kawakubo launched surreal outfits. Two years ago, she had launched a series of products represents the modeling scene quietly coming apart, says the human journey from life to death.


 "Protection" is probably thinking in collections throughout this time, when the costume always tightness model body from top to bottom, in combination with the plastic wrap around the entire face.


With the presence of "her boss" Vogue fashion empire - Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton - Metropolitan Museum curator in the audience, Common des Garcon is predicted to be the next topic in the fashion gala 2017 .

If true, the designer 74 will be the first character in the fashion industry have been honored exhibition, Yves Saint Lauren after 1983.



By: Phillips Campbell