Ferrari’s manual transmission death

Oct 13,2016
Many employers supercar traditional gearbox moved into the semi-automatic trigger on the steering wheel, including Ferrari.

Currently, car manufacturers have gradually use trigger switch on the steering wheel instead of the traditional gear lever floor. Ferrari isn’t also an exception, so officially gearbox was death on Ferrari cars.

Motoring interview, CTO of Ferrari - Michael Hugo Leiters said that technically, manual transmission will never appear on Ferrari in the future, instead of dual-clutch gearbox for higher performance. The last time the gearbox appeared on the California's first generation, now has nearly 8 years.

There will be no modern Ferrari used manual gearbox.


Manual gearbox is no longer practical to Ferrari's engineers concentrating in research, unless requested by Royal Brunei for the Ferrari ordered separately. Pagani now only retains traditional stick shift need this.  But development costs were charged to cost of owning a Pagani.

N-speed manual brings joy to drivers, because trigger switch on the steering wheel really help you comfortable. Driver has time to enjoy pace and technology without having to fumble with combination clutch- brake - accelerator and remembering lay of gear stick.

By: Feedy Jonhson