Fei 'Fantasy' Makeup

Nov 27,2016
For daytime, it will be visible all over cons facial makeup, so we need to carefully without causing hard feelings for the face by a layer of makeup.

First, makeup remover for face from dirt, rinse and apply layer of support for the commission and wait to dry.

Step 1: We use BB or CC foundation, but with daytime should use BB (as protection against the sun cream on makeup) spread over the face. Should use makeup brushes to blend well and produce smooth cream for facial skin.



Step 2: Use a concealer, this step is important because the party will be exposed during the day so many cons. I have two areas need concealer on your face and eyes are in elected acne spots. 

The region extending from the corner of the eye eye elected to the eyes to create a sense of lost class puffiness. Also the breakouts, use a dab of wax up. Then little powder coated miles. According exam is during the summer so you can ignore this layer of government efforts to create ventilation for the skin.



Step 3: Make eyes with orange tones. At the eye elected, the Minister before 1 layer your white balance to beat back tones. After the white government continued to beat up pregnant orange eyes. 

We who added eyelines lively eyes, stretching from the corner to class eyeline the eyes, eyelids attention killers.



Step 4: Paste the eyelashes, eyes lingering Marcara add more depth. Trends makeup who added silver in the emulsion layer of the lower eyelid still not cool down all of you !. 

And finally we hit thin gel layer onto more white gourd to create the glitter for the eyes. That completed the eyes.




Step 5: To create a definition for the face, trying to light up the miles at the vanishing points of the face such as the cheeks, chin, the T-tip as shown in Fig.



Finally, you apply layers of orange lipstick. So with gentle makeup, has created youthful accents cute for you in the party I got you!


Video Fei "Fantasy" Makeup

By: Turner Phillips