Fascinated eyes with 3D dark blue eye makeup

Nov 25,2016
For she is a believer of the sexy, you will need 1 tone sharp and attractive to become the focus of the party.

 At this point, simply change the tone pink blue romantic personality you've got her wish.

Step 1: In order to prepare colored eye color, your first liner layer over the entire election BB Cream eye.

Step 2: Scattering entire eye with eyeshadows elected marble vein types. For dinner, you should use emulsion eyeshadow with glitter to create the effect. 



Step 3: To the eyes of the depth of the 3D effect, you use dark eye shadow from the eyelid hit, spreading to the eye socket. Attention all hands to spread gradation from light to dark are truly natural.



To spread eyelid contour, you should use a small foam brush strokes to create babies.

Carefully spread over borders eyelid. And the entire border lower lids.


Step 4: Continue to use bright colors highlight the brow bone and canopy at the top of the eyes helps eyes "lit" in the evening light.



Step 5: To hit the sharp eyes, those eyes water you use eyeliner line up under cat-eyes look strong. Great suggestion for you is exactly the type of water to create sugar eyeliner brush and sharp pieces.


For those cat-eyes line, eyeliner water as Maybelline New York's Hyper Sharp always helps you get sharper lines than a wax pen or pencil.


Earlier stylus makes it easy to draw lines that do not smudge and slender taper.
Step 6: To get fascinated eyes, the curved lashes are always a highlight indispensable. You use a gentle touch in 3 mi touch points: the original eyelid, between eyelid tops.


Step 7: Gently taken lightly by rotating mascara brush to draw outside air into the tube to avoid causing dry gel. Then, mascara from root to tip in the direction of zigzag to get thick curved lashes. Broaching eyelid zigzag direction will gel without lumps and steadily.


Step 8: Finally, add lipstick to highlight lips. Because eyes were accenting outstanding, you should minimize lipstick in nude or pink orange tone gently to balance the face. Orange water red lipstick is one of the perfect choice not too polished, but still extremely sexy.


 Step 9: Add a bit of peach blush bright tone to complete the face.


So you've completed the steps makeup already! Along watching sexy girl in the mirror and prepare the party going on!


Video Fascinated eyes with 3D dark blue eye makeup 

By: Gray Ramirez