Facebook Messenger to add features that make repayment

Oct 3,2016
Facebook has added two new features to Messenger on iOS and Android allows users to poll in chat groups and help them pay for friends.

Survey feature displayed in chat groups with voting forms, is done by clicking on the "Polls" on the message type. When there is a question to vote, you click "More" and select "Polls", then type in questions, answers available and send your friends to vote, submit taken up.

This feature helps teams friends easier in deciding where to go for dinner, gather the opinions of the majority in that group. This activity is only done with a group of 2 people.

These steps help you create a survey and the results received.

Messenger also has created a feature that drives users to pay for their friends. Whenever you send a phrase or words related to the Messenger as "You owe me $ 10", "IOU" (I Owe You - I owe you), immediately a chat assistant will show a button called call to action (hidden link) to press on and pay that amount immediately to your friends.

The repayment was made by credit card, or a billing account you have entered before.

Currently, this feature is only available in the US market. Facebook promises to update it to other countries in the near future.

By: Isabella Wright