F-Pace - Jaguar SUV's sexiest

Nov 3,2016
During the 71 years of history, has never produced Jaguar SUV. However, the bold decision to launch the first high chassis cars has brought success to the company.

Demand for high chassis cars is rapidly growing versatility, Jaguar will not ignore this lucrative segment should have entered the form F-Pace. According to the more prestigious car magazine, F-Pace is the sexiest models of Jaguar in the 71 year history of formation and development.

F-Pace is a crossover is based on the chassis of the sedan XE / XF. Aluminum body structure monolithic help designers more comfortable in design, making F-Pace became soft SUV, sexy. Unique grille as on samples XE / XF, the wheels and larger diameter brake system for safe driving experience and solid.

F-Pace is Jaguar's first SUV. Photo: Tekniken.

F-Pace engines includes two versions of the option, a 3.0-liter V6 version, capacity of 340 hp at 6,500 rev / min, maximum torque of 450 Nm at 4,500 rev / min, acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. The maximum speed of 250 km / h, fuel consumption of 8.9 liters account / 100km.

Version 2.0-liter I4 engine turbo-diesel with a capacity of 180 horsepower. This version is not yet available in Vietnam market. All versions of the F-Pace will use the 8-speed automatic gearbox, four-wheel drive full-time.

The interior of the F-Pace is arranged similar XE sedan. Infotainment systems such as high-end touch-screen 10-inch InTouch Pro Jag, optional integrated audio systems Meridian.

Satellite navigation system with 3D mode. The display on the windshield (HUD) uses laser technology to display information such as vehicle speed, navigation information, cruise control, traffic alerts ...

Power adjustable front seats, rear seat row for large space and can fold back to create space around 3.1 m2.

Jaguar F-Pace will compete directly with the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi Q7 or Mercedes GLE.

By: Gray Ramirez