Eye makeup when wearing sunglasses

Nov 27,2016
Instead of being annoyed with sunglasses, you just turn it into an accessory to beautify yourself, How? Refer to the following share our simple to see how it.


1. Select the appropriate color eyeshadows

Not a few girlfriends this step to select them confident and more prominent. Eyeshadows will be the opposite of the color of the glasses such as your sunglasses brown eyeshadow, then you can choose the color blue, so not only sunglasses that even your eyes well become more attractive since the first meeting.

If your glasses such as the blue, you should choose the orange eye shadow, while case you prefer natural beauty, you can choose bold colors and neutral like gray smoke, brown ... to make seem her appearance more complete.



2. Bending Lashes

Nothing annoyed by long lashes you have an entanglement per glasses, blinked. How to fix it is extremely simple, just bending Lashes up, you will not feel uncomfortable anymore. 



This is also a way to help your eyes bigger and more glamorous. Mascara will be Used for thicker lashes, lengthen lashes more, but you also do not let the mascara note lem on sunglasses. 


3. Eyebrows neat

To your face look more prominent and impressive though, you should wear sunglasses for real eyebrow tidy, combined with those eyebrows to match the shape of the face and eyes, for example if you have a round face, you can draw eyebrows curved tip to help your face becomes more delicate, in addition you should also straight eyebrows mx soft to face becomes softer and more harmonious.



A pale eyebrows would not have been attractive when wearing sunglasses. In contrast to the sharp eyebrows neat and great will be the highlight for the face. 



In case your eyebrows too rebellious, please apply measures such as spit, wax to get a desired result.

4. Use a concealer

It is true that she loved the beauty of the sunglasses need to understand the importance of concealer because it tends to make the dark circles under eyes and folds to prevent any visible skin yet imperfect in the eyes. 

To avoid that you should use a concealer and apply it with a brush or by hand are medicinal. If you use your finger to apply the effect that it can bring will be more.


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By: Tansania Alia