Eye Makeup lovely big round like?

Nov 25,2016
If you want to give your face one looks bright and youthful, then please pay attention first to the eye makeup.

7 eye makeup basic steps will help you change your makeup style for the new year to look beautiful, smart with 1 big eyes and bright.

Step 1: You use false eyelashes to make your eyelashes really long and thick. Authors can also use 4 or 7 false lashes to create the most natural eye. If that slightly longer eyelashes than your face, you can use the pull down 2 sides trimmed to match the available line eyelid.


Step 2: Also used type eyelashes attached to the lower eyelid to make the eyes big eyes and shinier. You should only paste the snippet at the lower eyelid eyelashes length is about 2/3 the length of the eyelid.



Step 3: Use eyeshadow really bold black guys 1 line up on the eyelids close. You remember the line down slightly extended tail slightly eyes.



Step 4: With the bottom lashes, use a black pencil to brush under the eye contour, eyelids murderer a length of about 2/3 of the eyelid to create a fake eye contour the eyes.



Step 5: Use white emulsion eye color for her eyes to guys. This makeup will feel your eyes look larger and brighter.


Step 6: With the blush, use a cherry red tones to create the most natural glow to the face.


Step No. 7: 1 lips pink cherry will be the final step to complete this round eye makeup. If you do not have lipstick pink cherry water, then air-dry lip gloss with a little tension to the creation, as well as soft berry naturally.


Tip: If your eyes are not big either one eye lid, you can use the lens type Cycle (extended wear lenses) to stimulate the eye becomes bigger Vade easily implemented way more eye makeup on.

Video Eye Makeup lovely big round like?

By: Tonado Joesy