Even critics, the new MacBook Pro is still super good seller

Nov 5,2016
Online orders for the new MacBook Pro than any previous generation, according to company spokespeople.

In an interview with The Independent, vice president for marketing Phil Schiller said the company received orders online new MacBook Pro product line more than any previous generation.

Schiller also said the criticism and controversy about the MacBook Pro initially made him "a little surprise", but this is good and usually occur every new Apple product launches.

"I've never seen a great product Apple does not get criticism and controversy. This is good. We're a little adventurous and of course with every step improvements, users will have to change sometimes bit, "Schiller said.

MacBook Pro received plenty of criticism for eliminating many familiar ports like USB, SD memory card slot. Photo: Digital Trends.
Schiller also said the new MacBook Pro is "the best notebook ever" but stressed, it may not be for everyone.

While many companies offer product ideas notebook and tablet hybrid, Schiller said that notebook designs new basic L is perfect and will never be death.

This is like Apple's claim that they would never merge iOS and MacOS platforms 2 as some rumors before.

"Mac has a bar menu bar at the top. It is the key to validate your experience. IOS is no such menu bar. It will never be. The thought put the menu bar on top of the iPhone screen clear is clearly wrong. "

According to Schiller, if you create a Mac with a touch screen, they will have to determine how to bring the best experience to the user's finger. It was a bad experience. It absolutely can not be compared with the use of a physical keyboard, mouse and trackpad. "

Apple representatives also confirmed that MacBook Pro retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack as it is a "professional machine" while removing the SD memory card slot that offers entanglement.

Apple's new MacBook Pro comes in 3 versions, including a 13-inch desktop without Touch Bar ($ 1,499 value), 2 Touch Bar Size Version turns 13 ($ 1,799) and 15-inch ($ 2,399).

By: Gonzalez Nelson