Effort to please Japanese, the government remains Apple piracy

Oct 3,2016
Apple is said to have agreements with 3 major carriers to limit the country's old iPhone sales in Japan to reach higher profits with the new iPhone.

Japanese officials are considering Apple accused of behavior contribute to the monopoly to dominate the smartphone sales in the country, a government source familiar shared with Reuters.

In a report published last month, the Japanese Trade Commission (FTC) said third largest mobile operator NTT Docomo include, KKDI Corp. and Softbank Group refused to sell old iPhones for retail partners Tuesday to encounter less more competitors.

Apple is not named in the report, but two government sources familiar confirmed, the authorities believe that Apple has a separate agreement with the operator 3. Under this agreement, the old iPhone excess amount (of 3 operators) will not be sold in Japan but moved into foreign markets, such as Hong Kong.

Apple was suspected antitrust violations in Japan. Photo: Reuters.
Meanwhile, the Japanese network - in the battle to grab inexpensive iPhone users - Apple smartphone allegedly sold at favorable prices, helping companies have advantages in competing with rivals such as Samsung.

Both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 7 are priced at 932 USD for the service pack without a contract of Docomo. However, the iPhone's price decrease to 956 USD with 2-year contract while the phone is priced 920 USD Galaxy.

When asked about whether antitrust law violations or not, Apple posted a link about the FTC report 2/8 day, says Apple created or supported 715,000 jobs in Japan and help developers earn more than $ 9 billion from the Apple apps.

Japan is one of the most profitable market of Apple. iPhone accounted for almost half of all smartphones sold in the country. Therefore, understandable why Apple is trying hard to please Japanese users.

In the debut iPhone 7, they announced the game will release Super Marion Run on iOS, Niantic CEOs invited on stage to share about John Hanke Pokemon Go - another pride of the Japanese.

This was not the screen with Sony to use the iPhone to replace car train tickets in Japan. Many believe that the Apple equipped the iPhone waterproof feature 7 well is in order to please Japanese users.

However, these moves do not help Apple get favors from the government. "The action of the operator 3 does not represent the laws of the market. We're getting close to a decision," an unnamed official in Japan said.

The FTC has not given a deadline or specific penalties, such a fine if the network is not Apple and the amendment.

By: Butler Simmons