Dracula's castle will be opened to visitors to sleep in coffin

Oct 19,2016
On Halloween day 31 October, Bran Castle in Transylvania - home to the dubbed "Count Dracula" - will open to two guests sleep in a coffin overnight.

In the famous novel by Bram Stoker - "Dracula", the main character had to desperately seek to escape from the lair of bloodthirsty vampires. In contrast, visitors will now have the opportunity to Bran Castle in Transylvania on (Romania) - the residence of vampires and even experience a night sleeping in a coffin.

31 October, Bran Castle will open its doors for two overnight guests. Since 1948, this is the first time that people spend the night in the castle. Earlier, in the 15th century, the castle was once attached to Prince Vlad Tepes, who dominated Vallachia, part of Romania now and also the character inspired writers Stoker set up vampire Dracula. Vlad main brutality has created the idea for a novel blood-thirsty Dracula.


To get sleep back at the vampire's castle, guests will have to take a small contest, in which they will imagine what you want to say to Count Dracula if they met him. Persons most impressive submissions will be overnight at Bran Castle.


Who chaired the event is Dacre Stoker - great-grandson of writer Bram Stoker. As the contest winner was taken to the castle by carriage, Dacre Stoker will present a similar outfit Count Dracula, is open to question, but they're by bloodthirsty Count said in fiction: "Hi welcome to my home. Feel free to step into or out of safely and leave here a little happiness that you brought. "


Two overnight guests at the castle when will dine by candlelight with chicken - like a dinner that is described in novels. In addition, visitors are not allowed to take garlic or silver jewelry, because these things can repel vampires.

Guests are also advised not to take pictures selfie front of mirror, because vampires can be seen in the mirror.

"This event is a way to revive the famous novel Dracula, and will give people the feeling of fear to the end," said Dacre Stoker.



By: Harris Coleman