Dating Makeup

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! I purchased a few Charlotte Tilbury products from Nordstrom recently, so wanted to do a tutorial to create a look with them!! Hope you enjoy it!

Gentle lip color
Typically, bold lip colors will give you the confidence and sexier. But with the first date, then the lipstick "bold" would make him a little "overwhelmed" and worse are unnatural because they think you are too fussy.

A gentle lip color with your skin tone than ideal. Pink, orange, pink nude choices are worth a try. They will feel more comfortable in the first dating. If you still love the bold color, you can choose red or reddish orange light is enough "capital" already.

Felt blush
When choosing lip color you like, you will have to select suitable color for cheeks. Dark colors will make your cheeks visible aging. Remember a cheek rouge face will create sympathy felt slightly better with a guy, make him think you really own a natural beauty and elegance. A little blush on the lower part of your cheekbones will make your face more rosy, more full of life.


A soft lips

Do not "sloppy" with your lips. He will be taken aback by a dry lips, peeling due to your hard-there lipstick. Use gentle lip gloss, lipstick water to form smooth, soft lips. However, avoid using too many kinds of lip gloss, lipstick water if you do not want your lips as he thought ... grease applied offline.

Bending Lashes
Light colored lips and cheeks pink will make you slightly "blurred", you can compensate by accenting your eyes. A curved eyelashes, thick always made his heart melt. Therefore, do not forget the mascara, broaching prior to your appointment, and you'll find a lot nicer when additional steps for your face there.


Be goodbye eyes classic cat-eyes, sharp or who you would normally to go to work, come party with you though it anywhere. Men often think they have something too ... sharp and cruel. But you also should not miss steps eyeliner, by an eye eyeliner will help you to sharpen and to mold. So, instead, the eyes are drawn lines would reasonably slender, make you look natural and brighter face.


Finish stitching

You coated with talcum powder lightly on the face. Anyway, do not want to see the guy in the face with my girlfriend because greasy or sweating. Layer of talcum powder will be used not only to help you hide lanes


It also helps you get a complete face and brighter skin. But remember to do it hand then, he will be very disappointed if every classroom chalk on dream girl peeling themselves gradually, gradually peeling plaster as many days.


Begin by choosing a gentle scent of sophistication to encounter his first. The boys will be impressed with perfumed girls passionate, tender, sweet as vanilla, French pink, black orchid, orange blossom or Lily ... Do not rush to choose right the powerful aromas, evoking khướu feeling like cinnamon, musk and rosewood. Make an impression with the image of a girl with a sweet fragrance like a lovely cupcake or mysterious flowers that will be scored quickly for him.


Make hair
Big curls hair curling, curly hair or straight hair slightly forced half dropped over the shoulder ... All disabilities hairstyles that you can think for yourself in the day so it is gentle hairstyles are not too fussy. You can use the machine for bending a little curly locks of hair and tail bobbing gently on the shoulder or force drop squeezed into half. Photos girl with soft hair and long neck, slim will is what makes the boys in amazement after the first such appointment.

Video Dating Makeup

By: Taylor Luca