Cost isn’t expensive for Japanese travelers

Oct 19,2016
Estimated budget travel and accommodation, find a place to eat delicious knew that affordable price is the secret to your inexpensive trip to Japan.


Referring to Japanese cuisine, sushi is always the first to be remembered. Price depends on sales area and more or fewer servings, but visitors easily find a sushi restaurant quality, reasonable prices at Tokyo.

- Sushi in supermarkets: 500-1000 JPY/ part.

- Carousel Restaurant: about 2,000-4,000 JPY/ per person.

- High-end sushi restaurant: about 5,000-20,000 JPY/ per.

The popular ramen shop and more popular on the streets of Japan. Price for 1 bowl of noodles depends on the type of bread and accompanying dishes.

- Instant ramen noodles: 100-200 JPY

- Restaurant: 500-1,000 JPY

Other dishes that were popular in Japan as tempura, popular foods with seafood, vegetables ... are breaded and fried noodles. Prices range from 500-1000 JPY in the popular restaurant, to 10000 JPY in higher places.


The Japanese prefer beer over wine sake, though their average alcohol tolerance is not high.

- Beer cans: 150-300 JPY/can

- Beer glass in bistro (izakaya): 300-500 JPY/glass.

Of course, it would be a mistake not to try sake in land of cherry blossoms. There are many types and brands of sake are sold everywhere.

- A bottle of sake (700ml) in the supermarket: about 1,000-5,000 yen (200000-1 million).

- A cup of sake (177ml) at izakaya: 500-1,000 yen (100,000-200,000).

Also, there are many brands of sake quite expensive, with prices of up to 4 million.

Cost of stay

Room rental costs in Japan depend on every hotel. Expensive room rates in Tokyo than in other areas.

If guests want to have different experience, try selecting the Ryokan, a traditional inn model in Japan, with a shared bathroom.

In many places, you will pay about $ 5 to be a dip in the hot springs exposed, contain minerals beneficial to health. In addition, restaurants, other hotels in Japan are also very diverse.

- Bed in a dorm room in Tokyo: about 1500-5000 JPY/night.

- Cheap Hotels: 7000-12000 JPY/ night.

- Ryokan (hot springs): about 15000-30000 JPY a night.


In Japan, the public transportation costs are not too high, unless you go a long way. Tickets for Shinkansen travel quite expensive, but tourists often enjoy many special preferential, can be up to 90% of the cost.

- Fares and subway trains in Tokyo: around 200-600 JPY one-way

- Fares route Shinkansen Tokyo - Osaka: 13,000 JPY one-way

- Japan Rail Pass Price Shinkansen: 30,000 JPY a week (unlimited trips).

If you want to visit interesting places, bus transportation is the most economical. The bus will take visitors to go through the great attractions in the city, where high-speed trains do not stop.


- Bus fares: 100-200 JPY a turn

- The night bus Tokyo - Osaka: about 2000-6000 JPY a turn

It should be noted, taxis in Japan have a leading freight expensive in Asia. If you just go it alone, without the contribution of money, it is best not to use taxis. Reference taxi fares in Tokyo about 710 JPY per km.

By: Gray Ramirez