Beautiful natural makeup for a day

Nov 22,2016
Gentle natural makeup will make you "cheat" a few years old with clear appearance and so cute.

In the morning, we should not be too dark makeup when going to school or work. Often these types of gentle makeup will make people feel comfortable facing and natural than the bold makeup style. Moreover, natural light makeup will make you "cheat" a few years old with clear appearance and so cute.

Especially, Morning Makeup is easy to do well, simple, fast, not fussy but still cause sympathy for everyone. Take just a few minutes of the morning is that you can own a good-looking face and lovely then.

Faces alight with secrets "makeup as not" attracted fans of the beautiful South on film.

Step 1:

- First, the user rolls over or hairpin roof to facilitate the more makeup.
- Use mineral spray spray a small amount to the face and gently massage to makeup more smooth and long-lasting.
Step 2:

- Use olive oil to the skin brightness Essential lines and smoother.
- Small 2 drops into palms, rub them on your face then gently pressed.
Step 3:

- Next, use sunscreen to protect your skin is the best under the sun, even in winter.
- Given a sufficient amount of sunscreen to the palms and then put cream on your face and rub all.
Step 4:

- Use vanilla cream background color makeup rub all over face, use a small amount of foundation to your neck and skin color are more natural look.
Step 5:

- Next we will use cream foundation.
- Excessive use of foundation cream on the mirror will make you look stiff and slightly lost natural, so only use a sufficient amount to cover acne and dark circles, pigmentation.
Step 6:

- Use concealer to cover dark areas such as puffiness, under the nose or the corners of the lower lip.
- To create interesting effects and natural light during the day, we should use lighter colored concealers.
Step 7:

- Trim your eyebrows a little bit will make you look more youthful.
Step 8:

- You should select those eyebrows like color hair color to coat color and most natural fit.
- Do not be too bold because such men will make you look older and rigid.

- Next use mascara for eyebrows, light brown quite popular nowadays. You should only ever so slightly to avoid broaching color too dark.

Step 9:


- Bend the upper and lower lids with dedicated clamp.
- Brow add mascara to eyelashes curved and darker.
Step 10:

- We will apply for the eyes yellow emulsion
- Apply the corner portion of the eye and under the eye area.
Step 11:

- Next, apply eyeshadow brown eyes on the tail
Step 12:

- Equally important is the makeup lip. Morning Makeup In this, we will use both lipstick and lip tint bars.
- Apply lipstick orange bars on the first breeze.
- Next, apply a lip tint orange lines up on the lip of bars just finished.
Step 13:

- Use concealer for lips to look natural.
- Use apply more lip gloss on the lips to lips look middle plump, seductive.


The gentle makeup fresh face help when going to school.

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By: Youth Alexander