Beautiful eyes with nude tones

Nov 27,2016
How to get beautiful eyes in a natural way and not reveal too clear definition makeup?

Using tones close to skin color, like nude or light brown color. Ingenious combination between the colors will bring great effect to your eyes.

The election will determine eye makeup, gently rub a layer of nude eyeshadow eye on the entire election.


Apply a layer of brown powder on the eyes, hit the tail darker eyes to create deep.


With eyes half remaining elected, apply a lighter nude pastels. In the central point of elect eyes, gently rub a layer of nude / brown light emulsion to create bright spots.


Lather a nude pastel classes at the lower eyelid.


Use brown pencil (or chalk brown) guys an eye contour (only about 1 cm guys back on the corner of their eyes), to help the eye is larger but gentle strokes remain
the entire eye.


Who used eyeliner to your upper eyelid contour. Use curlers for lashes.

Attaching eyelashes if you like. If not, just slightly rootkit mascara, you also have a pair of eyes natural beauty, bright.

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By: Tansania Alia