Beautiful areas like paradise on the earth

Oct 25,2016
Fragrant gardens, rivers and ancient forests went into poetry of many poets, described as paradise on earth.

Namaqualand, South Africa / Namibia: Namibia almost year round arid desert but had what gorgeous pink purple mountains. When spring comes, Namibia is a paradise with colorful splotches of different flowers blooming along the hundreds of miles of the valley. Photo:

Seljavallalaug, Iceland: Heated pool mystery lies in the foothills of southern Iceland, few people know. "Soak in the natural hot springs in this place will give you a sense of this planet belongs to you," the Telegraph journalist Morris Travel Hug described. Photo: Chad Wadsworth.


Guyana. "This really is one of the pristine rainforest in the world. and almost no roads here, "said Chris Leadbeater. Kaieteur Falls so amazing that you can not look away. Photo:


Limestone in southern China. One of the marvelous scenery and different in the world are limestone mountains near Guilin. No pen can describe this beauty. Photo: Odette Baudouin.


Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. Coming to Africa, not difficult to catch the wild image. "Elephant shaking the tree to make chewing bark, lions roam in packs to hunt big buffalo, giant crocodiles, hippos engrossed with their river. At night, you will hear what sounds like the tribes of the expectations of thousands of years ago. This is one of my favorite places in Africa ", Lisa Grainger described. Photo: Ibrohimov Barzu o'g'li Mahmadiyor.


Isla de Providencia, Columbia. The tiny Caribbean island idyllic, surrounded the "sea of ​​seven colors". This area is difficult to access, the number of visitors is limited. Many rumors that the treasure of Henry Morgan, the pirate area, still may be buried here. Photo: Aventure Colombia.


Calanques National Park, France: This is an expanding area of ​​the limestone cliffs along beautiful long walking routes in the southwest Marseille. "It's really spectacular," said Chris Leadbeater. "I think I was the only Englishman ever in this place." Photo:


"Heidiland", Switzerland. "If you search for flower-covered fields, the snowy peaks, come Heidiland", Sally Peck said. "And when you feel tired from hiking, the hot waters in the nearby town of Bad Ragaz will always welcome you to enjoy". Photo: Jayaramanpillai.


Tegernsee, Germany. Is covered by white snow, this is one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria. Sometimes, you can catch the chickens and goats from behind the fence. It also houses the elderly vivacious, take off your hat to send cordial greetings. Photo:


Franschhoek, South Africa. No wonder the sailors to explore the world in the 1500s to stop at this place to find supplies and fuel. This is a place with a green landscape on earth, with towering mountains, vineyards, fruit. "If you are thinking about a country where agriculture formidable, perhaps this is a perfect example," said Lisa Grainger. Photo: Chris Munro.


The Atacama. Nearly 1,000 km long desert, the highest and driest in the world with an appearance appeared "hell" rather than paradise with a terrain apparently does not have life, surrounded by volcanoes giant, "said Caroline shearing. "But if you look closer, this ecosystem has a lot in common with Earth than Mars. This shows that this is a unique land, from the rusty red rocks, blue lakes to cobalt, purple mountains and wildlife. At night, the sky filled with celestial of Atacama, why galaxies aglow like ". Photo: Flickr / Adhemar Duro.

Koraku-en, Japan. "Garden of joy" is considered one of the 3 most beautiful gardens in Japan. "Its name is related to the concept of Confucius, which means that a good leader will know the hearts of others before their views," said Sally Peck. The garden even more beautiful in winter. Photo: Zekkeijapan.


Piano Grande, Umbria, Italy: "This is one of the highest plains of Europe, situated at an altitude of over 1,200 j, surrounded by mountains," Tim Jepson said. "In late May and early June, this place is known for the presence of flowers: the saffron flower bloom flap in one week, followed by daffodils, lilies, purple evening flavor, wild tulips , poppies, orchids thousands flowers and rare species such as the tree compensation model ". Photo: Anne Robichaud.


"Go up on the mountain trails from Nortica to this plain, you will find a vibrant scene. This area is quite wide, you can walk most places you want. Visit Castellucio, one small village, sweet and most of Italy, then, climb the highest peaks, peak Monte Vettore, from Força di Presta. Photo: Blagny.


Glendalough, Ireland. The title of "City of God's own" travel for the first time by Edward BOISB used in 1807 to describe the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Glendalough is one of the highlights of this region. "The highlight of it is a city of ancient Celtic, ancient religious relics and a tower 30 meters higher." Photo: Aroundirelanddaytours.


Queenstown, New Zealand. "City of God's own" is also the nickname used to describe New Zealand. "The landscape as glaciers, lakes, mountains when looking down from the mountains around Queenstown beautiful deserted" as described by Lisa Grainger said. Photo: Hostelite.


Walberswick, Suffolk, England. One where peace is said to have Lundy England in Devon and Suffolk coast town of Walberswick. "Nowhere in the UK makes me nostalgic for my childhood as the Suffolk coast," said Oliver Smith. "There Southwold beach huts colorful, the picturesque lighthouse. Come to the edge Walberswick harbor before finding a quiet place with dunes to enjoy fish and chips ". Photo: Flickandson.


Tristan da Cunha. If heaven is lonely, maybe you will see the end of lonely when arriving British overseas lands. This archipelago is the most remote inhabited world. 266 people called it home, and although very distant, where there is also a 9-hole golf course services and Albatross tavern. To get to this place is not easy. You will have to go on the train from Cape Town. However, this train does not depart regularly. Photo: Affixmag.


Greenland. The population density is 0 Greenland officially the world's largest island has about 56,000 people. This means that the population around the West Devon area occupies an area of ​​approximately 2.1 million m2. This large area has been inhabited for about 4.5000 years, extensive coastline and mountains, the long summer days and turquoise bays. Photo:

Shangri-la is real. "Tibet is a role model to writer James Hilton city erected Shangri-la, a peaceful place in the novel Lost Horizon," Michael Kerr explained. But the Yunnan (China) is also said to be beautiful inspired writers, and now has been renamed Shangri-la. Lijiang is called the "Venice of the East", attracted a lot of visitors, but you will still find peace here. Photo: Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.


By: Garcia Martinez