Arrange lightweight luggage when going camping

Nov 3,2016
Preparing luggage is familiar to people like move, but put most compact luggage that not everyone knows. The trick is to remove unnecessary things again.

Weight of a backpack or luggage plays no small role in the journey and especially hiking or camping. Heavy luggage, bulky cause fatigue. Here are tips to your bag becomes lighter and more compact.

Divide logical map

If traveling with friends, you should split evenly with their belongings. Type of map that you can help each other bring food, water, tents, cooking equipment.

The division will help each person's luggage significantly lighter, one must avoid excessive burdens on the furniture back.

Reduce clothing

One of the mistakes when preparing dust traveling is bring too many clothes. Clean clothes every day is not necessary when you have to move on the trail. You can reuse most of costumes that you carry.

Too many clothes for a trip. Photo: Greenwoodtravel.

You should split into several floors luggage: the bottom floor liner, a middle layer and the top layer. This will help you get something flexible, while reducing the amount of clothes to bring. Or clean underwear every day enough to move is not necessary.

Also, please leave a number of additional items such as shoes, bulky coats, or anything made of cotton.

What is not needed, leave at home

Hiking trips to remote or isolated areas often feels the need to carry multiple gadgets map. Consider carefully whether you really need it, if not, leave at home.

However, to say that does not mean you should leave at home utility items. You can bring small but select things gently and not to add too much. For example, a reasonable headlights headed over flashlights or portable lanterns.

Similarly, you can use a small tablet or e-reader devices instead of carrying bulky novel, use a headset instead of Bluetooth speakers.

Leaving piles up tents

The use of traditional tents poles are not necessary when you have staff dedicated hiking. After you finish using this stick on the move, you can also use it to camp.

Hiking sticks instead of dedicated spindles. Photo: MSR Gear.

Leaving piles up camp helps minimize the amount of luggage. Same goes for items that can have many uses for a while.

Repacking food and utensils

Add tips to your lightweight luggage that is transforming food, snacks and many kinds of packaging in a plastic bag with the lock click. Sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer ... can turn into a small plastic bottle recycling.

Transfer the same type of food to press the lock bags. Photo: Emily.

These short trips without too many bottles of each type of solution, bearing both a waste bottle luggage area and do heavier.

"Upgrade" dedicated tourism map

Recently, the manufacturing industry has always focused on tourism products volume reduction. Backpacks, tents, sleeping bags is that viewers "compact" heavy ago than today's standards.

So, replace the furniture is something worth doing and need to do right. "Upgrade" slow will not help you lose weight luggage thoroughly.

Nothing is real experience

Ratings heavy luggage overkill is what usually happens in the first prepared, because you do not always know what to bring for the trip, just until you reach reality.

The reality is the best teacher. Photo: Jordan Siemens.

The more experience, the more you learn everything necessary and unnecessary. Over time, you gradually leaving no god essential items, luggage naturally become leaner. Trust the intuition and your instincts.

By: Harris Coleman