Apple testing MacBook OLED same iPhone 8

Nov 5,2016
It is not clear yet when Apple is ready equipped with OLED display for the MacBook. Meanwhile, sources said that the iPhone 8 will use this display technology.

Despite many critics, Apple seems to continually test to bring creativity to the Mac line. At the event last week, Apple has not released any patch available for the iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini, but the MacBook Pro line of laptops equipped with touch bar Touch Bar is a big step.

After starting it, Apple is said to continue to bring new surprises for this notebook. According to reports from ETNews, Apple is exploited to bring up the screen OLED panels next generation MacBook.

OLED has many technological advantages over current LCD display. Photo: BGR.
Thus, 2017 could be the year of the iPhone 8 OLED display will be for general use this display technology.

According to sources close to the plans of Apple, Apple has begun to experiment with the MacBook using OLED panels.

Advantages of OLED panels is indisputable. It is thinner, better battery life, providing more vivid colors than LCD panels in the current MacBook line.

During recent times, improve thinness and battery life is always Apple's top priority. Therefore, the transition to OLED panels are seen as inevitable choice.

The only obstacle to universal technology is that its production costs are too high. However, with an expert negotiations with component suppliers such as Apple, it will soon be able to find appropriate solutions.

Earlier last year, Apple has opened a secret lab in Taiwan with a group of senior engineers and scientists to develop display technology "thinner, lighter, brighter and better battery life ".

By: Gonzalez Nelson