Apple released MacBook Pro with multi touch bar function

Oct 28,2016
Apple launches MacBook Pro 2016 with changes in design and new touch keyboard section.


MacBook Pro 2016 is the focus of the event, "Hello Again" Apple just happened. Over the past two years, the company only hardware upgrade for the MacBook Pro without changing the design.

True to expectations of users, Apple makes the MacBook Pro is thinner, stronger and more special features to support the content creators.

Newly released MacBook Pro. Photo: The Verge.

Regarding design, the new Macbook Pro metal Friendly "extremely durable" according to Phil Schiller. Rumors of additives touch screen section is confirmed, Apple called it the Touch Bar with ESC button in the software. Paragraph monitors receive both manipulate press and hand gestures. Touch Bar is right of fingerprint verification module Touch second generation ID, protected by sapphire glass.

According to Apple, this is the lightest MacBook Pro thin and appeared. Products with 2 gray and silver. 13-inch version weighs only 1.3 kg, 14,9mm thick, thinner than 18mm of significant previous version.

The device also has an area Force Touch trackpad doubles, and bone structure keyboard butterfly 2nd generation feels better knock first.

Touch Bar will change depending on the application functionality. Photo: The Verge.

On the new MacBook Pro screen retina 67% brighter than before, the contrast ratio is increased by 67% and 25% more color, but still save battery life than the previous generation.

Configuration, 15-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Core i7 4 cores, graphics card ATI Radeon Pro and 4GB of RAM. Users can choose 2TB memory SDD 50% faster than before. Apple also said it will be bigger speakerphone, doubling dynamic audio range.

Meanwhile, the 13-inch Core i5 chip can be used or i7, Intel Iris Pro graphics card, along with the memory of 15 inches.

Both have 4-port USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3, can be used for charging. In addition, the 2016 MacBook Pro equipped with a 3.5mm headphone port, SD card slot, but no connections and "traditional" other. Apple said USB-C will replace the charger, Thunderbolt, USB, Display Port, HDMI and VGA.

However, unfortunately the two will not be as on the MacBook MagSafe charger cord 12 inches. Battery will be sufficient for up to 10 hours 2 copies, slightly larger than the old equipment.

The new MacBook Pro thinner than 2 mm compared with its predecessor model. 13 inch version without Touch Bar owns two Thunderbolt ports 3 USB-C. 13-inch version and a 15-inch Touch Bar equipped with 4 ports 3 Thunder Bolt.

13-inch MacBook Pro Core i5 chips, while the 15 inch version of the Core i7 chips.

MacBook Pro 13-inch is priced from $ 1499 (without the Touch Bar) and $ 1,799 for Version Touch Bar. MacBook Pro 15-inch is priced from $ 2,399. Cheapest version will start shipping from today, while the higher version 2 will start to hit the shelves next 2-3 weeks.

By: Gray Ramirez