Apple lost lawsuit, to 302.4 million compensation

Oct 3,2016
Has lost out to the apple with a technology company in the United States, in a case involving the security features FaceTime video calling application of its hearing.

On the evening of the last 30 September, a jury in Texas, the United States has asked Apple to compensate the amount of 302.4 million dollars when unauthorized use of its Internet security technology VirnetX Holding Corp in applications, including FaceTime video call heard, according to Reuters.

The verdict was announced by Judge Robert Schroeder, who in August last year rejected the claim for compensation of VirnetX 625.6 million for Apple. Schroeder said in court last year, the jury had some confusion.

VirnetX and Apple patent dispute for years. The case began in 2010, when a complaint VirnetX Federal Court in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging Apple violated four patents network security, also known as virtual private networks and other secure communication link their whole.


Apple lost the case and compensate more than 302 million dollars in lawsuits related to the security of applications heard FaceTime video calling. Photo: Slashgear.

A jury when it was ruled forced Apple to compensate 368.2 million, but a federal appeals court in Washington DC United States has overturned the verdict. Court of Appeals said that there are problems in the calculation of damages by the jury on.

Then on 2 May 2012, a different jury reopen the case with damages claim even greater: 625.6 million. This is one of the amount of the largest claim in the history of the patent dispute in the US.

However, Schroeder has canceled this conclusion shortly thereafter. He said that repeated earlier accusations that the jury might be confused and unfair trials with Apple.

Apple is likely to continue facing VirnetX in another case related to iMessage. Photo: Reuters.

During the trial took place, the jurors have determined damage VirnetX two patents Apple has evidence of violations, as well as define the infringement, the damage to two other patents and the level of compensation 302.4 million generally consistent with what VirnetX request.

Rachel Tulley's spokesman and lawyers behind VirnetX Apple declined to comment on the incident. According to court records, the penalty shall be increased if the court discovered deliberately violate Apple's patents VirnetX.

Not only that, Apple is likely to continue facing VirnetX in another case involving the security features in iMessage. 

By: Adam Smith