AOA Choa Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Jan 19,2017
Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've done a KPOP makeup tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy this one! Which kpop artist would you like me to do next?

Personality - click on the eye

For a vivid appearance, personality, while makeup, you should not use too bold lipstick, instead eyes so that parts are the most thorough care. Take a smoky eye makeup or eyeliner cat impressive to look more attractive.


The Korean star property regular double eyelids apply this makeup. Ga-In looks impressive missing without her makeup very dark part of the eye.


CL applies the principle on the dark - under a light. With sharp eyes eyeliner border, she chose pink nude lip gently to balance.

Cute - click on the cheek


We often think blush makeup is not too important step. However, if you want to have fresh faces like dolls, here are the details you should be most aware jog. When accenting color a bit dark cheeks, your skin would become a very rosy, cute.


Dark colored cheeks are usually our style sauce cute, chatter as Tiffany apply.


Blush best suited to the light she has white skin. With tan skin, choose orange tones, equally lovely and light oil.


Without such rosy cheeks, Krystal would have less cute, more chatter.


Seductive - click lips

When you want to test sexy style, you do not need makeup too picky. Just a charming lips is enough to help you stand out.

Carmine which turns every girl becomes irresistible. Remember, if the lips were carefully painted, you should not share picky eye, cheek ahead.


Smooth glossy red lips module maximum help Lee Hyori sexy breeze. Look Yoon Ah see. She changed to surprise after makeup accenting outstanding color on the lips.

Video AOA Choa Inspired Makeup Tutorial 

By: Tonado Joesy